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Happiness Hump Day

Happiness Hump Day

I’m going to my first fashion runway show soon:) So exciting. Hopefully I can get pics in the midst of all the excitement. Today, I had a great day at work. I was able to help a lot of people with stuff like color matching, answering makeup questions etc. That’s my favorite part of my job. It’s not every day I love my job, but today was great. Apart from that, here are the other things making me smile:

Passion fruit juice.

This is my favorite juice in the whole world. In the Philippines, you can cut up a passion fruit, dig out the seeds that are enveloped in flavor and make the juice by adding water and sugar. I lucked out and found 100% passion fruit pulp in the frozen section of an Asian store and it’s JUST as good as the real thing. I add lemon to amp up the tang and use agave nectar instead of sugar. If you EVER have a chance to try this juice, don’t miss the opportunity:)

Photo shoots with friends.

As of right now, I only have friends shoot my photos. We do an exchange of some sort. I have three friends that do this exchange with me, and I cannot tell you how fun it is to be doing “work” with your friends. I love this job:)

Cream cheese stuffed anything.

I tried this recipe this weekend, and it was absolutely PERFECT. “Cream cheese stuffed _________, was disgusting!” said nobody EVER. Nate said, “I’m done trying other waffle recipes.” Nuff said.

$1 vintage earrings from Nate from a random garage sale.

There was a time when I liked dangling earrings. Right now, I’m totally digging clip-ons of every variety. These ones are my fav. So intricate, beautiful, and classy.

How a meal can turn into a totally different leftover meal and be wonderful.

Like how one day I made this: (with mashed potatoes and broccoli)

Moist garlic cheddar oven fried chicken breast…

And the next day it became this:

Just by slicing the chicken pieces, adding cream cheese (again), lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and pepper jack cheese, wrapping it all up in a large tortilla, and adding chips on the side, it becomes a completely different meal. I have my mamagrand to thank for teaching me how to reinvent leftovers:)

Hope your Wednesday was lovely.

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