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Happiness Hump Day

Happiness Hump Day

*this is a sponsored post

This evening I’m relaxing with hubby and we’re having broiled tilapia and zucchini. I’m also digging into my Lemonheads candy stash (you can get them at a bulk candy warehouse). I really value the seemingly insignificant moments when we just get to chill on the couch, catch up on our day, and eat good food. It’s always my favorite time of the day. What’s your favorite time?

Besides that, here is what is currently making me smile:

Martha Stewart’s “thin” burger.

There was a time when Nate and I made burgers at home and piled on 1 and a 1/2 pounds of meat into each hamburger. OMG it was overkill. Besides it being completely messy and each burger almost 4 inches high, it was impossible to fit into my mouth. WHAT a let down. We (shamefully) even put onions and cheese inside the meat.

So when I saw this recipe for super thin burgers, I was more than happy to try it out. And BOY, it did not disappoint! We had burgers like every meal last week. No kidding. You gotta try it. Omg and the grilled potato buns make all the difference. Trust me on this one.

Her pic:

Organizational tools in my dressing room

One great thing about living in our home and not having kids yet is that one room is my dressing room:) Nate has so graciously let me have full reign in this space. He found this beautiful antique brass garment rack where I keep all my outfits for lookbook posts…

And I found a garment rack at Target and used sweater containers to house my many hats. The center holds scarves and belts:

Dark bronze nails for fall

I love this nail polish for fall. It has little specks of copper when you look close. Now if only I could read what brand it was…


Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? Every time I watch Cyrus, I am just entranced. He’s so brilliant. This was the best dance EVER: (dubstep with Comfort)

All American food

Like the best chicken I’ve ever had: (Nate’s friend Rick’s smoked chicken)

It’s so good, every party Rick gets invited to, there’s always a “special request” for him to bring his chicken.

and Grandpa T’s chili with Ellen’s cornbread:

This is the best chili I’ve ever had! So simple and good. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested. And this is the moistest, best sweet cornbread ever. The secret ingredient is yogurt. You can find the recipe here.

(I usually use a cast iron pan and don’t time it. I just wait for it to be a little golden on top and brown on the edges. Start checking after 30 min.)

and simple sandwiches with chips:

I made my sandwich with ham, American cheese, tomato (with salt and pepper), cucumber, romaine lettuce, mayo, honey mustard, and red onion on toasted Ciabatta. I served it with BLT flavored Lays potato chips.

The classic at home lunch. It’s perfect.

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