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Happiness Hump Day

Happiness Hump Day

Tonight I am going to a fashion and hair runway show with two friends. So excited to dress up a little and go out for a fun girl’s night. What else is making me smile this week?

The “La Mer by Chantal Chamberland” Pandora radio station.

So perfect for a lazy day around the house, or while you’re making dinner. Classy and lovely.

Here’s a sampling…


New favorite yogurt. Made in Colorado from “Aussie” culture (whatever that means?) and a secret Aussie recipe. OMG the honey flavor is heaven. I didn’t think anything could be better than Liberte yogurt. They are both amazing, but Noosa sends me over the top. Every time I see that Fage yogurt commercial, I secretly get a little angry. You know the one where they say, “There are some people who think Fage is the best yogurt… then there are some people who haven’t tried it…”

They are not the best! Noosa. You are the best. (for now:) You can get it at Target.

New neon green fly earrings from Nate

What happens when a fly fisherman marries a fashionista and wants to bestow a gift that is the melding of those two worlds? Handmade fly earrings. Oh, I just love the pop of color.

Tropea Ristorante

Nate took me to this tiny little Italian restaurant in Redmond. Everything was amazing. I ordered the Putanesca. So flavorful! And the lemonciello gelato was like lemon head candy turned into gelato. It had swirls of creamy lemon mixed with swirls of tart lemon. I could taste the lemon zest. I love tart desserts. mmmm… Craving one right now.

Nectarines in season

OMG have you had a nectarine lately? They are the BEST they ever will be this year. When you bite into one, you can’t help but have streams of juice dripping all over your face. The flesh just falls right off the seed. This is the one fruit right now that beckons to me MORE than any sweet dessert/candy. And that says alot.

What are you happy about today?

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