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Happiness Hump Day

Happiness Hump Day

I’m getting over the weakest, wimpiest cold ever right now. It shocked me that it lasted literally two days and was barely noticeable. Usually it takes me a week or two to fully recover. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not eating sweets at home anymore and my immunity is better? Right night I’ve been dealing with the fact that I am a real sugar addict. No kidding! My friend who is a nurse went to a seminar about cravings and asked the speaker if there really is such a thing. The speaker said, “If she has to have it every day, then yes, she is an addict.” We think of addiction in our culture in association with alcoholism and drugs, but sweets, really?

If you’re reading this and going, Oh my gosh that’s me too! don’t panic. She said,

“The solution is to find other healthy passions you enjoy that will complete your brain’s reward pathway before taking away the sugar. By finding other things that fulfills the brain’s drive, you can then choose one day to enjoy sugar, the next day something else. The thing is being in control of when you have sugar, not never having it.

She talks about hunger and cravings on a chemical/brain level. You can see her book called The Hungry Brain: The Nutrition/Cognition Connection (In A Nutshell Series), by Susan Augustine.

And that’s what’ I’ve been doing with the suggestion of my husband who was the one who verified my addiction. He, (being so wise) suggested that I don’t keep sweets around at home (that’s where I can go overboard) but still allow myself to have desserts when I go out (date night, potlucks, dinners at friends, fro-yo with a buddy).

I do notice that when I’m blogging and fully engaged in fashion and beauty related stuff or dance, the last thing on my mind is sugar. So, that’s great. So far, so good. It’s working. I don’t feel the need to have it every day now.

So getting over my cold and breaking free from my sugar addiction are two things making me really happy this week. What else?

French Macaroons

Okay. I know I just said I’m getting over my sugar addiction BUT I’m even happier that getting over it doesn’t mean giving it up all together. I went to a fashion and hair show last week and tried my first two French macaroons. Why do fashion bloggers always post pictures of macaroons? OMG, now I know. They are so amazing. They look kinda dry from the outside, but when you bite into it, there’s a gooey explosion of flavor. So happy my swag bag came with these two little guys. A party in my mouth. Let’s say I thought I’d save Nate an eensy weensy little bite. Did it actually happen? No:( I’m bad.

Hubby Can Build Anything

I know I am being totally braggadocios for my hubby but it is no understatement that he can build anything. I appreciate it soo much. At work he has built sky scrapers, a water treatment center and the Federal Reserve in Washington. For me he has built our vintage wall for our wedding… (filled with pictures of family ancestors and parents and grandparent’s wedding pictures)

And he made my dream standing lamp (Restoration Hardware style) from a $35 antique surveyor’s tripod, and a $30 lampshade from World Market. I looked at the prices on Restoration Hardware for something like this..$3000 +! OMG. That’s a lot of money. Nate did all the hardware and wiring and finished it off with a large Edison bulb.

Cozy Weather Perfect for Comfort Food

Chicken dumplings… (you can get the super easy recipe here.)

You know I don’t like the fall weather… but I DO love all the crock pot comfort meals I can make that seem so weather appropriate. So nice to come to a home smelling of good food, and it’s already made!

Life Inspiration

You can find more life inspiration on my Pinterest Board.

That Nate is a Fisherman

It really was a match made in heaven when I married a fisherman. Fish is my absolute favorite meal food, and Nate loves to fish! The last couple of weekends, he has brought home about 12 large filets. Each of those Coho filets probably costs about $30 each, so needless to say, he’s saving us a lot of money. We most recently put the salmon on a cedar plank, the salmon marinated in Tom Douglas’ Salmon Rub with Love
and topped them off with the MOST AMAZING cucumber dill sour cream. You can get the recipe here. You won’t regret it. The amazing orzo was from Zazynia in Duvall. The best orzo.

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