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Happiness Hump Day

Happiness Hump Day

With the cool weather officially here, I think I’m going into full hibernation mode. Food has been on my brain a lot:) Here are some things making me happy…

Jewish Delis

At my friend Brenda’s suggestion, Nate and I went to Stopsky’s Deli on Mercer Island this weekend. The food was amazing! I’m convinced that when I’m craving a soup and salad, this is the place I want to go. They even had brisket stuffed dumpling soup and borscht. mmmm…

Nate had pastrami eggs benedict with latkes instead of an english muffin…

Nate is quite the fan of hollandaise.

I had a Reuben with coleslaw and matzo ball soup…

Have you ever had matzo ball soup? If you’re a carb fan, you might love it:) It’s like a spongy dumpling full of flavor.

Getting to wear my new floppy hat to fashion week

I could live in hats, and this one is my latest purchase, a steal at less than $5 from Aeropostale. You can barely see it, but I’ll be posting more pictures in the near future with an outfit post. I have to admit, I kinda look like I’m wearing a witch hat in this photo!

Coffee Art

There’s just something about getting a cup of coffee and seeing a cute little heart in it. It’s all about presentation. And with these chilly mornings, it is just what I want when I crawl out of bed.


Is there really a more perfect marriage of just three ingredients? Tomato, basil, and mozza-re-lla, you belong together. The perfect crunch with the perfect tang and spice thrown in.

Maybe that’s why I’m such a big fan of margherita pizza! (from Earl’s)

Delicious ethnic snack discoveries..

Like Mexican pinwheel chips freshly fried and topped with a squeeze of lime and Chalula/Tapatilo sauce.

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