"> Headaches in Pregnancy: Three Things That Have Helped Me

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headaches in pregnancy
maternity mondays

Maternity Mondays: What Has Helped My Headaches in Pregnancy

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m pregnant, I’ll be featuring maternity outfits and sharing pregnancy tips. Today’s tip is about headaches in pregnancy. 

Headaches in Pregnancy: Some causes you may not have thought of

First off, if you are getting headaches in pregnancy, make sure you speak to your doctor about your headaches as they can be associated with preeclampsia, especially further along in the pregnancy. These are just some things I’ve realized from my own personal experience that have caused my headaches in pregnancy. 

1. Side sleeping and not having my pillow propped high enough to support my head to make sure my neck is aligned to my spine. 

The headache that comes from this is one that I immediately wake up with. Since I’m normally a back sleeper and like a super flat, down pillow, I noticed when I started sleeping on my side after 20 weeks, my down pillow was just too flat. I started to fold my pillow in half. This propped it up higher. Later, I got this maternity pillow which I cannot speak more highly of. It’s amazing as it’s symmetrical on both sides so I can turn from one side to the other all night and get equal support, and it has a washable cover that zips up.  The thickness of the pillow also is the perfect height to support side laying. Do not use this pillow if you are still sleeping on your back because it props up the pillow too high. A pillow propped up too high can also cause headaches.

2. Not drinking enough water. 

I am such a stickler about drinking enough water. Some would call it crazy that I actually count my water every day on my Fitbit phone app. Not drinking enough water gives me headaches, makes me feel more tired and hungry than I really am. Our bodies are made up of 65% percent water so we need it more than any other thing we put in our bodies. These are some of the reasons I’m so obsessed. When I wake up with a headache and I know it’s not related to my sleeping position, I will check my Fitbit app and sure enough, it’s because the day before I didn’t get enough water.

Headaches in Pregnancy: Some Solutions

1. For the first problem, getting headaches in pregnancy due to not having enough support for my head and neck while side sleeping, I do stretches on my neck and see the chiropractor. 

If you decide to use a chiropractor, try to find one who is happy to fix your immediate problem and isn’t trying to sign you up for a lifetime maintenance plan, saying stuff like “Your body is like a car; it needs regular maintenance like a car needs regular oil changes.” Make sure you feel comfortable seeing him on an as needed basis and ditch the offices that are all about the long term relationship and sales pitch.

For stretches the chiropractor recommended I hold for 10 seconds on each side, pulling my neck down both far left and far right and and also pulling my head down and forward, using my hand to deepen the stretches.

2. For the second problem, I recommend drinking more than 64 ounces of water per day. 

Before getting pregnant my daily goal was 64 ounces (8 cups). Now I aim for 72-80 ounces, or 9-10 cups. This is because I know my body needs more water being pregnant. I’m creating another human being! My belly is full of amniotic fluid. I retail water easily and feel swollen when I’m pregnant. There are many reasons besides warding off headaches to up your water intake.

Well, that’s it! Hope these tips for headaches in pregnancy help.

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headaches in pregnancy

Make sure you speak to your doctor if you are getting headaches in pregnancy.

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