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Hip hop style Clothing

Hip Hop Style Inspiration: How to Dress Like Girls from Honey and Step Up 2

Honey and Step Up 2
Honey and Step Up 2

(If you are trying to figure out what to wear to a hip hop class, check this series out)

I own the movie Honey because I love all sorts of dance movies. Maybe I’m too old to watch these teen movies, but I love them!  I also saw the movie Step Up 2 recently as well as Take the Lead and Shall We Dance.

Although I love to dress girly in floral dresses, a part of me loves to get into some comfy street clothes and go dancing. When you dance, you’re exercising and having a ton of fun. Plus, learning a new skill like hip hop dance moves is empowering, not to mention sexy!

I also like dance movies because of the style inspiration of the costume designers. Who knows if the style portrayed on the screen is at all reminiscent of authentic hip hop street style. I just know some of the outfits are worth imitating! So, for the hip hop dancer in you, here are a couple of Hip Hop Clothing style, I loved from two dance movies and ways to copy the look.

Honey – Camo and orange

This is my favorite dance outfit in the entire movie. She started off wearing some sort of midriff 3/4 top and then she pulls it over her head and makes it some kind of shrug and dons her orange sports bra. I just love the color combination of the orange and navy blue top and the camo pants.

hip hop style clothing, Honey orange and navy blue top and the camo pants.

You can check out this short 2 minute clip of the cast and crew talking about the hip hop style clothing on the set of Honey. The outfit is mentioned at 0:59 and you can see how she pulls the shirt over her head to create the shrug:

Personally, although I love Honey’s entire outfit, I wouldn’t want to dance in heavy camo pants. I’d rather wear capri camo’s. Or for the ultimate comfort, nothing beats yoga pants! You can still achieve the camouflage look with these yoga capri pants!

Hip Hop Style Clothing,  yoga capri pants

As far as the top goes, I’m not too keen on revealing my entire midriff. I’d probably wear a racerback tank top.

If you want the actual look of Honey though, you can get an orange sports bra like this one:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, racerback tank top

As far as the shrug, I’d probably either wear a cropped, lightweight shrug like this one:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, cropper lightweight shrug

Step Up 2 – Hats, fit tops, baggy pants

Step up 2 is one of the latest hip hop dance movies. We can get some inspiration from the female lead, Andie, played by Briana Evigan. Here are some of her outfits:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits
Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits
Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits
Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits
Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits
Hip Hop Style Clothing, Step up 2 outfits

A similar style theme running through is that of over sized bottoms and tiny tops. You can roll up the leg of one of the pants too, like in photo 3 and 4. That seems to be a popular trend. Notice also how she accessorizes with hats and wristbands. The wristband definitely serves a utilitarian purpose to wipe off sweat from dancing. I like the color combination of orange and dark khaki green/olive green of photo 1 and 3 as well as the black white and gray combo of photo 4.

Here are some possible hip hop style clothing that match the Step Up 2 Outfits of Andie:

Cropped orange hoodie like picture 1:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, cropped orange hoodie

The pants can be any pair of olive green loose cargo pants like these:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, cargo pants

I like the draw string bottoms. Great for if you want to pull up one side! Notice too how Andie also has something orange/red peaking out of her low waist pants. I think it’s just a pair of lyrca/spandex shorts so she doesn’t show too much below the waist. (since her pants sit pretty low) You can wear red boy shorts like this under the pants:

Hip Hop Style Clothing, red boy shorts

As far as hats go, here are a couple that look like Andie’s:

Photo 6 – Navy blue military cap:

navy blue military cap

Photo 5 – Green mesh trucker hat. I like the bright green/white front with side mesh kinds that are a tiny bit oversize like Andie’s, so they’re not super snug.

Green mesh trucker hat

What do you think? I feel like I can pull most of these looks off, but as an apple shape, I veer away from the cropped stuff.

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    AJ, those were great dance flicks! I’m always a sucker for a good dance flick. I wish I knew where to find what you’re looking for:(

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  13. Miami Kevin

    When hip hop first began experts said it would be a temporary underground fad that will go away; similiar to hairstyles, but 30 years later it is on TV, Dominates the radio airwaves, and is shared by all races on each continent.

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    sydnee, victoria’s secret has cute white dresses. forever 21. also top shop and hnm.

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  29. Rafye

    Thanks! Great break down. I was searching for ideas for a hip hop look. I work with little kids, so I’ll need to cover up a little more, but the inspiration is there for me to play off of. Searching for female hip hop fashions mainly turned up photo shoots of female hip hop artists in what seem to basically be bikinis or lingerie. I knew I didn’t want to go too old school, and is basically for a ‘costume’ for work, so I was really hoping to mainly pull from my own closet. I now see how I can do that. This will make it even more fun for the little boys who will be learning hip hop dance moves this week! Thank you!

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