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Friday Find: Gasp! Reading This Book Actually Got Me Starting to Enjoy Housework

house cleaning

I took a cue from the French and learned how to see the pleasure in house cleaning.

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a newborn, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

How Most Americans View House Cleaning

I don’t know about you but growing up in America, I always got the impression that house cleaning was just something to get through so you could finally get on with your day and start on with the stuff that was actually enjoyable. It was something that if you had money for, you’d certainly hire someone else to do. Our culture doesn’t really value the work of the stay at home mom maybe because stay at home moms get stuck with the house cleaning. It was always something I looked at as drudgery.

How the French View House Cleaning

Well, as some of you have probably already gathered, I’m quite obsessed with anything French. So I was browsing through the library one day, and I happened to come across this little jewel: At Home with Madame Chic: Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life.  

It taught me how to view house cleaning with pleasure– because my home is my chateau. I know this sounds corny but it actually worked! I think it helps that I’m a very pleasure centric person. I love massages, sex, scents, and food. This book taught me how to take pride in my surroundings for the sake of my own viewing. It helped me think of house cleaning as exercise and the results of house cleaning as a pleasure for my sense of sight– the aesthetics.

It’s all about reframing

Reading it, I realized that all I needed to change my attitude about house cleaning was to implement Elizabeth Craft’s  (from the Happier podcast) favorite reframing technique. It’s when you think of something in a new way so it changes how you relate to it. It has worked for me on so many things.

For example, instead of hating winter by thinking of it as “cold,” I now can embrace the season and love it because I think of the season as “cozy.” Cold makes you think of being uncomfortable and freezing. It makes you think of frost bite and darker days.  Cozy makes you think of hot chocolate, fuzzy throw blankets, thick knit scarves, and nights by the fireplace. See how everything changed just based on perspective? Everything is about attitude, and attitude changes based on how you view something. This is sooooo empowering!

If you hate house cleaning and need help reframing like I did, I’d definitely recommend this book.

Have you used the technique of reframing in another way? I’d love to know.

house cleaning

I think it’s paying attention to the special nooks and crannies at home that are a reward for house cleaning.

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