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how to use highlighter makeup, highlighter on face, what is highlighter makeup, how to apply highlighter, highlight face

Highlight + Shimmer

 how to use highlighter makeup, highlighter on face, what is highlighter makeup, how to apply highlighter, highlight face

How to apply highlighter- It’s easier than people realize

Why do people wear highlighter on their cheekbones?

Highlighter looks great day or night. In the day it gives your look that extra grown up shimmer. Your face looks luminous, healthy, and fresh faced. It accentuates bone structure, making your cheekbones appear higher and giving your face more definition. In the evening, it adds a bit of glamour. If you’re on a date and he sees you walk through the restaurant, every time the light catches your cheek, your face will glow and look radiant.

How to apply highlighter

Applying highlighter is super simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Take your index finger and physically locate your cheekbone. It’s the bone on your cheek, around an inch below your eye. Where the bone protrudes is where the highlighter starts.
  2. Place your highlighter on the protrusion of your cheekbone and continue diagonally all the way up past your temple, ending at your hairline.
  3. Using a slanted brush like this, dip your brush into your highlighter and gently sweep this area up to your hairline. You’re done!

What Highlighter do I recommend?

Right now I’m loving this mosaic from Laura Mercier. Why? It’s just nice to have four options for a highlighter depending on what season it is and how tan (or fair)  your skin is. I also love that the tones are in the cool family for anyone like me who likes to balance out warmer undertones. This palette can also be used as eyeshadow, especially great for  adding shimmer around the tear duct area.

If you’re looking for a liquid cheek highlighter to lightly dab on with your fingers and want that dewy look, I love this one. 

Want more makeup inspiration?

Here’s how to multitask with eyeshadow. 

Highlighters look great with blush. Here are some pictures of me wearing  a drugstore blush that lasts all day. 

I’m a big fan of matching my lipstick and my blush. 

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