How to Choose Flattering Wide Leg Pants

This blue 3/4th shirt is one of my favs. I wear it with a lot of things. Remember this? The scoop neck and sleeve length is flattering, the sleeve poufs are fun, and the color is bright. Today I paired it with my favorite cream colored wide leg pants.

Wide leg pants can be awfully tricky. If done wrong, they can make you look twice as big. The key I think is in finding light material with a bit of stretch and a fit that hugs your bum. Most importantly, the pelvic and crotch area should fit properly. This means you should be able to still see space between your legs. The crotch area should not fall below where your natural crotch is. You should clearly be able to see where your legs meet in the middle.

Basically, the wide leg pant should only be “wide” in the leg area, not in the area surrounding your bum and pelvic region. If the wide leg pants have any kind of “bunching” going on in the front, that’s a huge red flag. Don’t get them! The front should lie flat. I got mine from Kohls:)

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