How to Choose Floral Dresses You Can Nurse In

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I never thought I would actually be happy to find dresses that are too low cut. But with nursing, these kinds of dresses are perfect!!! As long as the material is stretchy, all I have to do is wear a bandeau type bra and wala! easy presto boobie access.

This dress in particular was from Etiquette in Redmond Town Center if you’re local. It was only around $30.

They also sell bandeau type bras in every color for just a couple bucks! Or if you’re looking to buy a bandeau type bra online, these ones are your basic black.

Btw, these are the most comfortable, affordable black pumps I’ve come across. They go with everything!

I’m obsessed with pointy toe pumps, and these don’t feel too long and “witchy.” They are also the perfect heel height.

Did I mention they are super comfy?! From the website-  “Softwear technology combines leather linings with layers of foam and bubble cushion beads to deliver supreme comfort.”

No wonder I’m obsessed. Even the dreaded blister prone area on the back of the ankle has cushioning on both sides!

So– don’t give up on cute dresses and nice heels when you are nursing. Just look for stretchy, low cut dresses, pair it with a bandeau bra, and finish it off with some comfy heels.

Now you are ready for date night with that neglected husband! He’ll do a double-take when he sees you dressed in something other than ratty sweatpants and another black milk stained shirt. Yes, I’m talking to myself.

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