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Makeup How-To

How To: Eyebrows and Shading

I wrote a post on how to shape eyebrows at home here. After you have done the shaping, the next step is to shade your brows. Some people might be able to skip this step if they have thick, course eyebrow hair, but for the most part, adding some shading helps really define the brows and frame the eyes. If you don’t wear any eyeliner, you can also get away without eyebrow shading. But, I’ve noticed that the more eye makeup you wear (liner/shadow/mascara) the more you need to shade your brows to balance it all out.

This is what I mean: Below is a picture of me with heavy eye makeup and no eyebrow shading. As you can see, having heavy eyebrow makeup makes my eyebrows look sparse and too washed out:

So even if your eyebrows are shaped, it’s still not enough if you also decide to wear eye makeup. Below you can see the difference a little eyebrow shading makes:

If you’re interested in what I use to shade my brows: these two products are what I use.

Some specifics:

  • I have found that eye shadow works better to shade your brows than a liner. A liner can look very harsh and unflattering because a heavy pigment saturated liner looks unnatural. If you do use a liner, make sure you use a light hand and short, gentle strokes instead of “penciling” in your eyebrows. You want to imitate the look of real hair.

  • Of course I prefer the shadow route as it is pretty much fool proof, especially if you use a slanted brush.

  • Even if you have jet black hair, NEVER use black liner/shadow. It looks too harsh on anyone. The best bet is to go with a dark brown shadow.

  • Typically you want to go a shade lighter than your natural hair color. (but I go with a dark brown because I have dark brown under my blonde hair.)


1. Dip slanted brush into eyeshadow.

2. Make sure to tap off excess powder so you don’t have eyeshadow powder scattering in places you don’t want (under your eye etc…)

3. Go with more pigment on the ends of your brows (but a thinner line)

4. Go with less pigment on the front of your brows (but a thicker line)

5. After application, make sure to take a step back and evaluate if both eyebrows look pretty evenly shaded.

6. Soften up edges with your finger if you see any corners that are too “sharp.”

7. The most important area to make sure looks identical is the shape of the very front of your brows. If one has sharper edges (a more square look) and the other has a rounder look, it’s going to look very noticeable.

See the difference below. Megan Fox’s eyebrows have more of a “square” front look on all of these pictures except the third one (the third one has more of a round front look):

Here’s another picture where I have my eyebrows shaded:

Eyebrow shading makes a difference!

Have a great weekend!

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