"> How to Get Glowing Skin, Erase Dry Patches, and Get Smooth Skin

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how to get glowing skin, skin, wrinkles, skin care tips, perfect skin, dry skin, how to get clear skin

The Holy Grail of All Skin Products + Hello Glowing Skin

how to get glowing skin, skin,  wrinkles,  skin care tips,  perfect skin,  dry skin,  how to get clear skin

35 going on 36 and still getting carded ūüôā Read below to find out how to get glowing skin.

My skin

First let me tell you I have obnoxious skin. It tends to get severely dry around my nose and cheeks (hello dry patches) and oily on my forehead (hello flash photography). It is ultra sensitive and acne prone. I have tried everything to get rid of dry patches on my skin. Beyond that, I am prone to acne scarring and hyper pigmentation and I would say I have some texture issues as well probably from white and black heads. What else? What else? Have I covered it all?

These didn’t work

It made sense to me that I needed to moisturize the crap out of my skin to get rid of dry patches. That was how to get glowing skin right? Wrong. All I ended up with was highly moisturized patches of skin still sticking out of my face. How is this even possible? Next I thought, well it means I must exfoliate the heck out of them using beads or scrubs or salts or sugars. Ugh. Did I mention I had ultra-sensitive skin? That area would only get irritated and red. And then the dry patches would return bringing along a pimple or two for good measure.

How to get glowing skin: Finally the solution plus some

Fast forward to my three years working at Sephora. When I first started, I met an older lady, probably in her 60s. She had the smoothest, glowiest skin I’d ever seen. I found out she had worked there over a decade. I had to know her secret. She said, “You will get a lot of gratis (free product!) here, but you don’t need to try it all. Try¬†Dr Dennis Gross peels.” (Here’s for sensitive skin. Here’s for skin that can take a beating. )

It never occurred to me to chemically exfoliate my skin instead of physically exfoliate. After just a few uses, ¬†I was in awe of my skin. I was glowing. The bumpy texture next to the sides of my nose were smoothing out. The dry patches disappeared.¬†My sensitive skin didn’t freak out!

Ingredients please and why does this work?

What makes this product a power house fixing everything from wrinkles, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, dry patches, and acne?

Glycolic Acid-

It exfoliates skin, hydrates, stimulates collagen production, improves photo aged skin, treats hyperpigmentation(Source). It removes dead skin cells. The alpha hydroxy acid¬†promotes exfoliation on the surface layer of your skin. When applied to your skin, glycolic acid¬†can dissolve dead surface cells that can pile up on your skin’s outer layer over time, leaving behind a smoother surface (Source) .¬†

Salicylic Acid-

It works by gently removing excess skin. When it’s applied, the lotion causes the uppermost layer of skin to swell, soften and then peel, removing dead skin cells. Salicylic acid also prevents pores from clogging by slowing the shedding of cells inside hair follicles, which helps prevent acne. Salicylic acid lotions can even break down whiteheads and blackheads — types of acne that are difficult to treat because they form within pores(Source) .

Malic Acid-

It helps make skin appear smoother and less blotchy (Source).


It has been proven to boost collagen production (reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines), speed cell turnover (evening out discoloration and brightening skin tone) and unclog pores (making them look smaller and reducing acne) (Source).


In recent years, resveratrol in particular has become the subject of intense interest due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It appears that resveratrol exerts its potent antioxidant effects on two distinct levels: (1) by scavenging existing free radicals and (2) by preventing their formation (Source).

I’m not the only blogger raving about these peels

Cup of Jo raves about these peels too!

Want some more skin tips on how to get glowing skin?

This line is what I used to get rid of my acne.

When your skin is smooth, it’s the perfect time to add some kind of highlighter¬†for that extra sparkle.

If you want to have that luminous, glowing look, switch your powder blush to a cheek stain.

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