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How to Put On Mascara

I don’t care what they say about diamonds, I think mascara is a girl’s best friend. Oh the wonders of this little wand. Just so you can see how high impact it is I didn’t wear ANY other eye makeup. Check it out:




Here are the simple steps:

1. First thing’s first: You need a great eyelash curler. I swear by shu uemura’s. And it needs to get heated. I started doing this little trick back in high school. It just made sense to me. Eyelashes are hair, just like the hair on your head. I would never put a metal curling iron in my hair cold. Why would I do that with my eyelash curler? I always heat up my curling iron, and the same principle applies to your lashes.
I heat it up by using my blowdryer on the highest setting for about 10 seconds…

2. Then I always rest it on the side of my palm to make sure it’s not screaming hot. The difference between your curling iron and your eyelash curler is that the eyelash curler always touches your skin. This is why I always do the palm check. Once it is warm but not hot to the touch on the delicate skin on the side of my palm, I know I’m ready to use it on my eyelid/eyelash.

3. It’s now time to immediately curl your lashes. I always make sure to lay the eyelash curler as close to the lash line as possible to get the curl at the root of my lash instead of somewhere in the middle. This makes your lashes the longest and curliest they can possibly be naturally.

4. Now for some tips… Most people don’t really think about the process of putting on their mascara. It’s not the lashes near the bridge of the nose that have the most impact. It’s not the center of your lashes. I’ve noticed that the lashes that look the flirtiest are the lashes on the outer corner. Think of all the Disney female characters!

So, I always start my application there, making sure that I don’t miss those tiny little lashes in the corner.

5. Another tip is to pull the eyelid up so that you can start your application at the very root of the lash line. It’s a big pet peeve of mine to see women wearing mascara that starts in the middle of their lashes…

6. And the last tip to also get to the base of your lashes for better application is to tilt your head way back as you apply the mascara.

Sometimes I put mascara on the bottom lids, but most days I don’t. It doesn’t have as much of an impact and always has a greater chance of smearing or flaking under my eyes. I already have under eye circles!

And that dear ladies is how to put on mascara:)

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