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How to Put on Concealer Part 1: The Before and After


It’s amazing what concealer and makeup in general can do!  I always love doing makeovers on other people. Whenever I see a friend I haven’t seen in a while, they’re always asking me, “Do you have time to do my eyebrows?” And of course we always make time:) Unfortunately, I don’t always have a friend who is available to be my lab rat! So today, I’m showing you how I do my own makeup, starting with the most important thing for me- concealer. Unless you’re born with perfect skin, there’s always room for concealer!

Today I just wanted to show my before and after as a little teaser for tomorrow when I begin the detailed process. The first picture is me without a hint of makeup, and no photo touch ups. The second picture is me with all my daily makeup on, again, no photo retouches. I want you to see how you can go from completely natural to still very “natural” looking and make a HUGE impact! That’s it for today, as I have so much housework to do (been sick for a week) and a friend to meet up with for a late birthday lunch:) Isn’t hanging out eating with friends the best activity for a nice day?!



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