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How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

I’ve been shaping people’s eyebrows since I was 13, which means I’ve done it for 17 years!¬†You can see some of the makeovers I’ve done here and here. I’ve found the best way to shape your eyebrows at home. Here are my secrets:)

First things first: You MUST use a slanted tweezer.

The angle help keep your in line, I promise! If you want to invest in the best slanted tweezer, Tweezerman is the best.

Revlon also makes a great one if you’re on a budget.

Now for the process:

1.. Always start at the TOP FRONT of your brows.

Cardinal sin number 1? When it comes to shaping eyebrows, most women start under their brows. BIG NO NO! What ends up happening is the creation of a too “rounded” brown instead of a perfect arch. Or like this gal, the creation of a “plateau” instead of an arch:

So start at the front TOP front of your brows and follow the natural straight diagonal line like in this picture:

2. Once you have tweezed a straight diagonal line and run out of hair to tweeze, you start on the downhill slope (again you are still on the top of your brows)

Here you usually just have to pluck strays. The top of your eyebrows can be almost pointed, with a sharp tip (like mine) because the “soft” arch will be below the brows.

3. Now onto the bottom of the brow. All you have to do for this number is to exactly pluck parallel to the line you plucked above, but stop before you hit the area right where your iris ends.

Just make sure that the highest area of your arch is the area right after your iris. Like this:

4. Now just make sure that you shape this area rounded and not pointy like the top.

There’s your perfectly shaped brows at home:)

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