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How to Use Cornstarch as Dry Shampoo

Okay ladies, as promised from yesterday’s post, today I’m posting the process of how to use cornstarch as dry shampoo. I found this little secret from a natural beauty book a couple of years ago. I wish I could remember what book it was to give due credit! If you’re the book’s author, email me:) The process I discovered on my own.

What you need:

Large Flat Brush

Large Powder Brush and Wide Tooth Comb (and cornstarch of course)


1. Starting on one side of the head, make a part right above your ear using your wide tooth comb.

2. Dip your large powder brush into the cornstarch and tap excess off. Then apply generously to the part.

3. Moving about an inch above from last part, create another part.

4. Apply cornstarch generously to part again.

5. Repeat process. (each side of head will have about 3-5 partitioned sections)

6. Make sure to focus your application on the crown of the head, or that area at the top back of the head, as this area tends to fall flat due to oil, and on some women with particularly thin hair, this area looks like it is thinning especially when it is oily. This is the most important area for application.

7. The second most important area for application is wherever your natural part is.

For some that may be a center part:

For me it’s a slight side part:

8. Don’t worry about applying too much cornstarch. Of course it’s easier if you tap the excess (it will lessen brushing time) but it doesn’t hurt to have too much. The most important thing is to make sure you cover all the oily roots.

Look how much I applied! (and I have black roots!)

9. Now it’s time to brush it all in so that you don’t have white roots. Start by brushing it from the front to the back.

You gotta do this for a good couple of minutes to really get the cornstarch blended. I mean brush the hell out of it! I sometimes even move my brush to the back of my head with a zigzag motion to really get the “blending” action. Don’t forget to brush out the area by your ears.

10. Now bend down so you can brush from the nape of your neck to the end of your hair.

When you flip your hair back up, it will be crazy big. This is when you just run your wide tooth comb through gently and give your hair some shape. I also use my fingers to “tame” the volume.

That’s it!

Another before picture: (compare how oily my hair looks in the before versus the afters!)

And some more after pictures:

As you can also tell, with my hair looking flat, oily and lifeless, it also has a tendency to make my face look wider. Volume to your hair, especially at the top, creates the illusion of a thinner face!

Have a great weekend! Next week, I’ll be giving more advice for giving volume and lift to thin hair.

Dry Shampoo

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