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how to use dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo + Second Day Hair

hot to use dry shampoo

worst case scenario if you don’t know how to use dry shampoo, just grab a cute hat.


The secret of how to use dry shampoo like a pro:

I discovered this just recently. Whenever I use dry shampoo on second day hair (or third day, fourth day, fifth day) it doesn’t work as effectively as when I use it the night before. 

I pile it on the night before and don’t even brush it through. It acts to prevent greasy hair instead of masking it in the morning. When I wake up and get ready, all I have to do is vigorously brush out the roots of my hair with a flat brush. I add a little serum to just the ends of my hair, and then I’m done.

What I use:

I’m obsessed with corn starch! Did you see my before and after pics? Crazy. I love it because-

  1. It’s budget friendly.
  2. It doesn’t cause acne on your scalp (I have acne prone skin).
  3. Like a thickening agent in food, corn starch also “thickens” the roots and gives it lots of volume.

How to use dry shampoo:

If you want the step by step tutorial, with pictures, click here.

Some other great dry shampoo options:

My wifey swears by this powder one by Verb.  I tried it and the powder is super fine and lightweight! Great if you like your roots to still be soft and not have any grit.

If you prefer a spray version and a heavy scent, this one is an excellent choice. 

If you like the powder kind but want some extra grit and volume, this one works well. 

Looking for something similar to what I’m wearing?

This hat color is so hard to find. This lavender one is the closest color I came across for a beret.

I’m wearing a navy blue long sleeve lace dress similar to this. 

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