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It’s Like Finding Mr. Right : 7 Things I Learned in the Search for the Perfect Jeans

Celebrities who have found their perfect jeans: (lucky them!)

Kate Hudson

Jessica Alba, Nichole Richie, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson (again), Uma Thurman, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller

Unfortunately, I have yet to find mine. Like finding your soul mate, it’s a lifelong quest I’m told. I just recently began my search, not knowing there was such a thing! But one of my best friends has known all along that the search for the perfect jeans was not a futile one. It started to make sense. When you find your perfect jeans, you’ll want to wear them everyday! You can’t imagine your wardrobe without them! They simplify your life. The perfect fit means you can be yourself (you don’t have to suck in. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for looking fabulous). The more I listened, I realized I had been using her advice, but in another area of my life, in dating! For the sake of this metaphor, we’ll name Prince Charming, Mr Perfect Fit.

Here’s what I learned:

1. Every relationship with a man who later becomes an ex served a purpose. They reveal traits in a person you may not be willing to live with. If you’re not watchful, you’re bound to repeat the same mistake and fall for another guy with the same traits.


Same with Jeans… Every ill-fitting pair you’ve owned served a purpose—in showing you exactly what you don’t want: too short, too tight, gave you a pouch, made your upper body look uneven… If you’re not watchful, you’re bound to repeat the same mistake and fall for another pair with things that you know didn’t fit well with you the first time around.

Here they are, the jeans you never wear. What’s wrong with them?

2. On the same note, every ex had great qualities that drew you to him. You liked how Sam was a great listener and loved to cuddle. You liked how Tom was ambitious and upbeat. You loved that Marcus treated you like a lady and always prioritized you. You think about these wonderful traits and from them you learn what traits in a man you don’t want to live without.

Same with Jeans… every pair of jeans, although you know in your heart they weren’t the perfect fit, had redeeming qualities. Maybe you like the low rise on one pair, the way one slims your hips, the way the waist on another falls right where you want it too. Think about what traits in jeans your perfect pair will have.

Hmm… What did I like about this pair? And this one? And that one?

3. You never know where you’ll meet Mr. Perfect Fit. You can’t limit yourself to just your “type.” Think about it. If you’ve only dated only your “type” in the past, and you still haven’t found Mr. Perfect Fit… this saying comes to mind, If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. You have to be open to meeting guys in different ways through different avenues. If you only expect to meet guys in the locations you frequent, you’re limiting your options.

Same with Jeans. You’ll never know where you’ll find your perfect jeans. You can’t limit yourself to shopping only where you’ve gone before. Don’t be a brand snob. You have to be open to trying on jeans in stores you’ve never shopped at before.

Where, oh where are you, perfect jeans?

4. How do you know he is the One? Everybody tells me, they just knew. Because they knew what they were looking for and knew what they couldn’t live with, when they met Mr. Perfect Fit… when they spent lazy Sunday afternoons with him… went to baseball games with him…brought him to meet their parents, they noticed something about themselves. They were always comfortable and at ease, yet at the same time, always excited to be with him. They were proud to be seen with him. They would spend every waking minute with him if they had a choice. Though they couldn’t have envisioned everything about him, all the important things added up. They felt like the man they were with was what they had been looking for this whole time, plus some and they felt like eth luckiest girl alive because their search was over. They just fit together; there was no questioning whether or not someone else was a better fit for them. You don’t know you’ve found the one until you do.

Same with Jeans… You don’t know you’ve found the one until you do. You’ll just know. Nobody will be able to tell you from the outside, because nobody else has your body. You’ll feel so lucky because you’ll notice that you’re soo comfortable and at ease, but at the same time, you look hot! You’ll know when your search is over because if you had a choice, you’d live in these jeans. They fit you like no other pair ever has, and they have all the traits you’ve been looking for in your search, maybe even more!

ahhhh… lazy Sunday afternoons in your perfect jeans.

5. He’s Mr. Perfect Fit right? Yeah, notice how I never called him Mr. Perfect. He isn’t perfect. You know with some other girl, the equation wouldn’t be just right, but somehow, thank God, in this imperfect world, you found the perfect fit for you.

Same with Jeans…My wonderful amazing friend wanted to let me try her perfect jeans. You guessed it, it wasn’t a real life Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ending. Our bodies are different. Her perfect jeans were not my perfect jeans. (Notice how all the celebrities above had favorite jeans with different brands)

6. Even though one guy who’s Mr. Perfect Fit for your friend isn’t Mr. Perfect Fit for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from her choice. Listen to her talk about what she loves about him. You can learn a lot from the successful relationships of your girlfriends. You might learn a trait that she found that you discover is a trait that you should be looking for too, but have never thought of. Don’t be jealous of the happiness of a friend who’s found her match, remember there’s a Mr. Perfect Fit who’s waiting for someone who fits him just right too. I’d be more apt to take advice from a friend who has found her Mr. Perfect Fit rather than a friend who’s in my same predicament, still searching.

Same with Jeans… I learned from my friend’s choice. She didn’t have my perfect pair of jeans but I did learn to look for the opposite of some of the things she was looking for because we have different body types:

This is what she told me, pretty much word for word and works for those who are pear shaped: (She learned to look for certain elements to decrease the appearance of her thighs)
1. Flare at the bottom, not just boot cut, and not too much flare like a bell bottom, just a big line at the bottom so that the eyes are not immediately drawn to the thighs as the biggest area
2. Low-rise cut, but not butt crack low.
3. The pockets need to be simple with as few embellishments as possible and not tilted side ways. They cannot be small pockets; the simpler the better.
4. The length is important, depending on what type of shoe. The jeans need to be touching the floor or just above the floor when you try them on.
5. Not stretchy
6. The area across the thigh has to look a certain way–not too together and not jutting out. (This one is something only a trained eye can identify with. The more you search and have a discerning eye, the better you will be at it!)

Since I started my search, I’ve modified things to fit my apple shape. This is what I look for:
1. Light colored jeans- light colors make things appear larger so this works to balance out my heavier top half.
2. Jeans with fading “whiskers” in the pelvic area. They are usually horizontal and they give the appearance of wider hips, again to balance out top half.
(marked with red arrows in the picture on the right)
3. Low-rise cut and a short crotch area. (marked out in black)
4. Pockets tilted sideways (opposite of what my friend is looking for) to play on the horizontal line.
5. Stretchy (opposite of what my friend is looking for)

Enlist your successful friends in your search for the perfect jeans!

7. You’ll be more likely to find Mr. Perfect Fit if you’re fit. I know most women don’t want to hear this, but men are visual creatures. Add to that a society that throws unrealistic perfect airbrushed advertising images to men everywhere they look. Add to that all the women who are willing to get fit and look their best. You can fight it all you want, and go on a whole, “He has to love me exactly the way I look!” rampage, but it will not change the fact. Let me ask you, the same question. Do you love yourself exactly the way you look? If your honest reply is in the affirmative, then brazenly go forth! Men love women who love themselves. Confidence is hot. If you’re being really honest and there are things you want to change and you know it’s in your power to change them naturally, do it. I’m not saying get skinny. I’m saying get fit. Whatever that means for your body. I’m telling you, unless your idea of Mr Perfect Fit is someone who isn’t fit, then you too need to be fit. We’re all attracted to healthy physiques.

Same with Jeans… You’re more likely to find your perfect pair of jeans if you’re fit. You’ll have more options to choose from. When you love your body just the way it is, your perfect jeans will hug at your curves just right. When you don’t love your body and know there are things that you want to change, then do it! Yes, some perfect jeans can conceal flaws, but they aren’t magic jeans. If you already like your body, it’ll be easier to find jeans you like. That’s just the way it is. Jeans can enhance your shape, but they can’t change your shape. So get in the best possible shape you can naturally, and you’ll notice that you’ll be closer to finding your perfect jeans! Again, it’s not about being skinny. It’s about being fit. My fit friend says no matter how fit she gets, she still has saddlebags. That’s okay, that’s where your perfect jeans can help. Perfect jeans can do tricks to conceal parts you don’t like, but again, they can’t change your shape, just enhance it.

This is how you’ll feel when you find your perfect jeans! (or Mr. Perfect Fit)

I never would have guessed finding my perfect jeans had anything to do with finding Mr. Perfect Fit! Happy searching!

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