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Friday Find: Shhhhh TMI But This is The Best Time to Do Kegels

kegel exercises, kegels, kegel exercises for women

When is the best time to do kegel exercises?


Confession. Sometimes I pee when I sneeze. Ugh. Joys of anything post pregnancy (first pregnancy). Goodbye pelvic floor. Hello peeing when I don’t want to! I know I should do kegel exercises. You know you should do kegels, right? Everyone says to do them. People say stuff like you can do them anywhere! Do them while you’re driving! The thing about doing them while I’m driving is that I don’t want to do them for long commutes. I don’t want to do them for very long at all.  It is true though that you can do them anytime.

Here’s why you’re not doing kegel exercises

But as wise Gretchen Rubin once said,

Something that can be done at anytime is often done at no time.

So it has been with my kegel practice. So, genius Gretchen Rubin, I’ll also take your advice on pairing. Pairing is exactly that, doing one thing you  want to do with another thing you already do.

The kegel exercises solution!

One of my brilliant friends gave me the excellent pairing solution!

She does kegels every time she goes pee.

She says this insures she’s doing it properly (the same muscle to hold your pee is the muscle you need to do kegels) and it ensures she’s doing it regularly. Several times a day if you’re drinking all the fluids you need to. And to my benefit, peeing doesn’t take that long so I can pair kegels with peeing and it doesn’t have to be a drag (like doing kegels while driving for example).

So I’ve incorporated this little pairing trick. Every time I go pee, I pee a little and then stop peeing for five seconds, repeat, repeat, repeat. Super simple solution to doing kegels on the reg. Thanks for this solution unnamed friend!

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