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Lazy Foodie Find: Charcuterie Plate for Dinner

Lazy Foodie Find: Charcuterie Plate for Dinner

I love a good charcuterie plate, how about you? Not that there’s anything revolutionary about a charcuterie plate, but I’m sending out a PSA that you can actually eat a charcuterie plate for dinner. That’s it! It’s perfect for lazy summer evenings when you want to eat something cold and don’t want to cook, or when you’re pmsing (tmi like me currently) and all you want to do is sleep and munch on chocolate. If you must have a vegetable at dinner time, you can even throw in some canned pickled veggies.

We love fruits like Pink Lady apples (our favorite apple-perfectly tart and crisp and sweet) and grapes, some hard cheese, some soft cheese, fig jam, pepper preserves, marcona almonds, olives, dates, and of course some kind of cracker or crusty bread. Our meat of choice is always some kind of uncured (no cancer causing nitrates) salami. And we always get a cheap bottle of red wine- usually Lambrusco. It’s a great one if you like a fruity red wine. Of course I snuck in some chocolate since it’s that time of the month!


What do you put in your charcuterie plates? Have you ever had one alone for dinner? I’d love to know!

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  • Charcuterie Plate for Dinner

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