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Let’s Give It Up for a Long Graceful Neck! 3 Ways to Highlight Your Best Asset

Sad to say, I was not blessed with this trait; instead, mine is like a really sad cut off tree trunk. But I do know a good neck when I see one. The neck is quite overlooked in our society. It is given more attention in eastern cultures. It’s not nearly given enough attention as say legs, chests and buttocks, but long, graceful necks are beautiful! They make women look ladylike, poised and confident. I’m all about accentuating what goods you’ve got, and not focusing on what you don’t like. So if you were blessed with this trait, flaunt it! If I had a long neck, this is what I’d do:

1. Get a chic, short haircut

It’s low maintenance, It’s sassy. And if you can pull it off, you are one of the lucky few out there in the genre of Halle Berry. It is an esteemed honor! There are those women who look no doubt are beautiful, but they won’t stand out in a crowd with long hair. Chop it off, and *tada* they becoming stunning, captivating women you can’t keep your eyes off of! You’ll never know if you fall into this category unless you give it a shot, and if you have that graceful neck, you have an even greater chance of pulling this off. Compare Halle Berry with short hair:

And long hair:

Still not convinced? Let’s be reminded of her Bond movie scene where she stole the show in her orange bikini. The fit body had to do with it of course, but the hair was hot too!

Here’s another celebrity who I think looks better with short hair. Compare and be convinced!

Winona Ryder with short hair:

Winona with long hair:

Okay, let’s say you just don’t want to cut your hair. That’s not negotiable. Well, if you still want to showcase your beautiful neck, you should:

2. Wear a ponytail

One of my best friends has a great neck and she looks absolutely amazing in ponytails. Check it out:

But of course, she opted for the Winona cut, which I love even more!

Here are my favorite ponytail pictures:

Josie Maran for Maybelline. Sleek and smooth

This look is great for formal events or the office. In the office it commands respect. On the red carpet it looks ultra elegant and glam. This one is casual:
Jennifer Aniston: The everyday high ponytail

I usually do this ponytail with the added side-swept bangs and a few pieces here and there to frame the face. I dated a guy who wanted me to put my hair up like this all the time! I guess there is a casual, cute sexiness to a messy ponytail.

3. Wear a turtleneck

If you’re not going to show it off by getting a short hair cut or putting your hair up in a ponytail, at least you can draw attention to your neck by wearing a turtleneck to show just how long and beautiful it it! (Or even better, get a short haircut or put your hair in a ponytail, and wear a turtleneck!)

Keri Russel dons this black and white striped turtleneck, pushes it up to a 3/4 sleeve, and pairs it off with skinny jeans and black flats. Perfect!

Jennifer Love Hewitt wears the classic black sleeveless turtleneck with large hoop earrings. i would love this look even more if she wore her hair up! But sophisticated and sleek nonetheless.

Even when the weather is warm, you can still wear a sort of mock turtleneck halter top like this:

So, to summarize. If you want to show off your graceful neck you can:

a. cut your hair off
b. put your hair in a cute ponytail
c. wear a turtleneck
d. do a. and c. or b. and c. together!

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  1. joyce


  2. Doug Nina

    Love your blog Keep em coming I look forward to more!

  3. fedele

    …mi picerebbe un giorno vivere di realtà e dimenticare per sempre la noia mentre laggiù una barca senza vela cerca il porto migliore! Questa notte, come ogni notte, non aspetto che il giorno e intanto non vedo nessuno…
    Fedele (New York)

    P.S. Siamo molto amici!

  4. Catie

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to do a ponytail like Jennifer Anistons?? I know it’s supposed to be messy, but hers is super cute! Please help!!!

  5. MidoriLei

    Hi Catie, I’ll see if I can figure it out this week, and if I’m successful, I will write a post about it:)

  6. MidoriLei

    Hi Catie, I can’t quite get it to look right, like Jennifer’s hair. sorry:(

  7. Rachel Ramey

    The difficulty with a short crop/pixie cut is that it takes more than a long neck to pull it off! There is a certain delicate femininity of features required to keep this sort of cut from just looking butch. I have the neck – but not the face – for this type of cut. So it’s updos (how does one spell that?) and turtlenecks for me! 🙂

  8. MidoriLei

    Rachel Ramey,

    I never thought of that! Makes sense.

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