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Lets Give It Up for Slim Thighs! 3 Great Outfits to Showcase Your Favorite Asset

Most women have some sort of issue with this part of their body. Especially if you’re pear-shaped, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
For those lucky few with slim thighs, these are my favorite looks that showcase them!

1. Tall boots over slim jeans

Kate Moss is notorious for this look, and I hope it doesn’t go out of style any time soon! This is why I look forward to fall and winter. A chance to wear my boots over my jeans. I love how Kate pairs her black boots with a cropped leather jacket. She is so rocker chic! And then the perfect pair of gray jeans and hollywood shades?! Enough already. She’s the queen of style in my book. Hayden’s look is cute too. the brown boots are awesome.

2. Tiny shorts paired with office attire
Again, I’m going to have to salute Kate. I absolutely love this outfit:

Shorts are getting paired off with business attire! I love it! Check out this outfit from Ugly Betty’s Amanda, played by Becki Newton. It’s difficult to see in this picture, but you can see the ensemble: paired with a crisp blouse and a vest:

The runway shot below is a better picture of the look we’re trying to achieve. Short shorts are kept simple and the top is what pops. Notice the detailing in the sleeve of the translucent pink shirt. I especially like the plunging neckline of the vest.

3. Cute playsuits with short bottoms
I think this style has caught on more in the UK, because I find very little selection here in the states. We might call them jumpers or rompers, but they are basically a top and shorts or pants bottom made into a one-piece. My favorite ones are floral or have floral embellishments on them:

TopShop Playsuits

These 70’s style playsuits are also cute:
Here’s what I love about these two playsuits:

1. The ruching on the top and hips of the left playsuit. It looks comfy! The top ruching holds up the top like a billowy tube top, while the bottom ruching acts like a low-rise waist band to structure the shorts.

2. Big buttons on the right playsuit!

3. The right playsuit paired with a bright yellow tank top.

4. High-waisted jumper/suspender look of the right playsuit.

Ebay even has some cute playsuits from online vintage shops. I love this black polka dot one. The red belt makes the outfit.

Black polka dot playsuit

This khaki colored safari style romper is another great one from ebay:

These three looks are my favorite for women with slim thighs. Wearing a playsuit, shorts with office attire, or boots over slim pants will showcase them!

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  1. Nathan

    What are your thoughts on Katty Perry’s penchant for retro?


  2. Kristin

    Great fashion advice! Here is a new column idea I would love to read: help for the skinny (or small) girl with big boobs. I am 5’4..105lbs with boobs (32D and I was NOT born with them) and NOTHING fits me. The clothes in the stores all run so big now. A zero in pants falls off me (no hips). What to do?

  3. MidoriLei

    Kristin, Gosh I’ll have to brainstorm that one! Never heard that request before. But good idea, thanks!

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