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MidoriLei wears tortoise shell sunglasses, bluetooth
friday find

Friday Find: Convenience Hack- Get Two of Things

MidoriLei wears tortoise shell sunglasses, bluetooth, life hacks

Life hacks to the rescue- save yourself the trouble and just get two of things you use in multiple locations

Life hacks related to convenience

This life hack seems so common sense, I feel kinda silly writing about it. But I’m sharing it because it took me so long to realize I should implement this.

I noticed I was always moving things back and forth from one location to another


my earphones from my purse to my nightstand


my face wash from the sink to the shower.

I’d use earphones in the car so I had it in my purse, and I’d grab those earphones and bring them to bed if Nate was asleep and I wanted to listen to something. Getting two earphones for both locations saved me the back and forth inconvenience or the forgetting to return them to my purse and going without.

I’d use this face wash (great for sensitive, acne-prone, dry skin) every evening at the sink and would forget to bring it to the shower and would need it in the morning, so I’d have to tiptoe out of the shower dripping wet to grab it from the sink every time. Getting two bottles of face wash, one for each location, has saved me from having to create a puddle reaching for the bottle on the sink every time.

I’m curious, do you do this? What do you have two of for convenience?

Let’s talk products

Speaking of face wash, I’m obsessed with Emme Diane’s line for acne-prone skin. It dramatically changed my skin. If you have acne prone skin and want to know more, I write about it here. 

Also, here’s a beauty related life hack– dry shampoo- the best, cheapest, and greatest for acne prone skin! Also how to apply it. 

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