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Beauty for the Home

Little Ways to Infuse Beauty into the Little Nooks of Your Home

I think women make things beautiful. They make themselves beautiful; they make their surroundings beautiful. It’s why they say things like, your house just needs a “woman’s touch.” Everything a woman touches becomes more beautiful:)

A woman makes a house a home. I know decorating is one of my favorite things to do. Remember my bachelorette pad I posted about years ago?

Now that I’m married, I still like to incorporate a lot of pretty little things in our home. Here are some ways I add a little bit of beauty to the often neglected little nooks of our home:

1. I ALWAYS dry the roses that my hubby, Nate gives me.

They have ended up on the window sill in front of the kitchen sink,


On my bathroom counter,


and on the night stand in the guest room.

2. I added cream and white river rocks to the bathroom sink for a “spa-like” atmosphere.

Whenever I would go to some restaurants and some yoga studios, I’d see them do this, and I copied the idea for my bathroom. I found my rocks on Amazon. You can check them out here.

3. I use flameless candles to lend a “glow” to the bathroom- great for long soaks in the bath!

Another little extra touch is fake flowering branches. They look beautiful and last forever:)

4. I use an antique atomizer for my perfume.

There’s something so elegant about spritzing on your perfume in the mornings or after a bath using an atomizer. The little pouf at the end of the rope that lets out just the perfect amount of scent, the beautiful bottle that sits on the vanity, the tassels that lay down with ease. I’ve noticed that pretty bottles make my morning makeup routine a little more fun.

Every time I spritz on some perfume, I feel like a starlet in an old classic black and white movie, wearing her silk robe, sitting in front of a beautiful mirrored vanity.

5. I keep my soap (French goat’s milk soap) on a creamy marble soap dish right next to a tiny vase on the corner of my bathtub.


I used to be one of those girls who didn’t understand about beauty what the purpose of a soap dish was. Until I ran into this beautiful creamy marble dish. Instead of my bar of soap staying soggy sitting on the edge of the bathroom tub, now it has a little bed of its own to keep it dry. That little corner was neglected, but I’ve noticed since adding a little tiny “I love you” vase in the corner with one of my dried roses, the little area has really perked up! I got the vase in a set of three at Target’s “One Spot” for a dollar! Now it seems to invite me in for a bath, peeping out from behind airy white shower curtains.

Ladies, I loved writing this post! What are some ways that you add a little bit of your “woman’s touch” to your home? I’d love to know! Beauty nooks

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