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Luke Counts to Ten

This is the most random post ever but maybe you’ll find my cute two year old counting to 10 as entertaining as I do! First, I’m obsessed with his “nine” sounding like “noyn:”Luke Counts to Ten

And how he’s so pleased with himself he smiles and chuckles with pride at the end:

Some people are all about the cat videos and puppy videos but kids are the cutest! I just can’t get enough of this guy.

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  • Luke Counts to Ten

Present day Luke has been beaten, his shoes and coat stolen, and he is walking around barefooted, shivering. He counts to seven over and over again as he walks, and we can see the tall man standing with his back to us. Luke calls the rehab, and begs Paige to let him come back. He tells her he didn’t use drugs, he is cold, and he needs a bed. Paige tells him that she and Steven will come get him. While waiting, he sits on the bench and counts to 7, over and over again.

At Hill House, it’s night time, and Nell sits on her bed crying. Luke sits up and puts on his glasses, and Nell says, “You’re awake.” “Well, yeah, because you’re awake.” She tells him she saw the bent neck lady again, that Mommy and Daddy don’t believe her, they say it’s just a nightmare. Luke tells her that he believes her, and he has an idea.

Luke gets out Nell’s box of buttons, and starts to take out some of them out and lay them on the bed in a circle, telling her she needs seven of them. When she asks why, he says “Mom, Dad, Steven, Shirl, Theo, you, me…it has to be seven. It helps if you touch each one and count out loud. It keeps you safe.” He tells her that sometimes “you have to do it a lot.”

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