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Friday Find: I Struggled With Acne Until I was 33 and a Friend Introduced me to Emme Diane

Midorilei goes bare faced after successfully treating acne

no makeup selfie

(Pic taken 10/24/15 with no makeup. Was recovering from years of acne scars, but actually started feeling comfortable with no makeup!)


This date changed my life. Since this is an article about beauty, it may seem shallow to some people to say something beauty related changed my life. But, if you have struggled with acne your whole life, like me, you know I’m not exaggerating when I tell you the day I walked into Emme Diane’s clinic changed my life.

living with acne

I grew accustomed to just living with breakouts. It became normal to have at least three angry places on my face at any given moment and simultaneously having to cover up several dark brown scars from previous breakouts.  The vicious cycle never ended. Puberty came and went and still the acne remained. In my late teens, early twenties, I had a glimmer of hope. I reached for Proactiv, for Clearasil, for anything anyone ever recommended.  Some things seemed to work temporarily, but then my face would get flaky, irritated, or dry. Then the acne would still come back. Nothing worked.  Once I reached my thirties, I gave up. There was no way this was puberty related.

I have acne-prone skin. This is my lot in life. Every day will meet me with new raging spots on my face to treat and old scars to cover up. I had just accepted my fate.

the day everything changed

Then during a vacation to California, a friend who also had acne-prone skin her whole life invited me to come with her to an esthetician’s office. She had heard good things about Emme Diane and wanted to give her a shot. I wasn’t hopeful, but I figured I’d already tried everything, and no harm could be done.  Plus, my friend treated me to the consultation.  Emme Diane sat us down in her clinic, and instead of just throwing a bunch of products in my lap or making me lay down and poking at my face under a bright light, she actually  gave me an education on all things acne-prone skin related.  I was confused. I thought I was at an esthetician’s clinic, but it seemed like I’d just entered a college classroom. In the hour we sat in her office,  she handed me some kind of skin syllabus, for lack of a better word, and explained how my skin was different from non acne-prone skin. She gave me pages of information on what causes acne, what foods can trigger acne,  plus a whole page of ingredients that don’t fare well with acne-prone skin so I wouldn’t have to use just her line of skincare, and I could research products on my own. This made me trust her. I could tell she had a passion for just educating people about their skin so much so that she was willing to give away information that might prevent her clients from ordering her products.  I could also tell she’d spent a good deal of her life becoming an expert on my condition, and her radiant, clear face made me that much more hopeful.

emme diane's acne kit

emme diane’s game changing line of acne products

the results

I ordered the acne kit and went home and did exactly what she said. Every day and every night, I used her products in the order she instructed. I eliminated products with the ingredients from the list she gave me. When a week had passed, I couldn’t believe my face wasn’t angry anymore. I didn’t have any new painful spots begging for attention.

When weeks had passed and my period was around the corner, I thought for sure it would all go down hill. Nothing much. A couple minor pimples, minor irritations, but no acne, nothing raging and painful. I asked how my friend’s skin was doing, and she reported the same results. I have since passed on the line to another friend with acne prone skin,  and her skin has changed as well. She recently texted me about PMSing and said, “I can’t believe nothing much is going on with my skin!”

getting used to living without constant breakouts

Now that years have gone by, it feels like a distant memory thinking about how I had just learned to live with pain on several parts of my face all the time. Makeup was a coverup more than it was a joy or an art. I asked Emme Diane if she had some kind of affiliate program because if she did, I wanted to get on board. She didn’t. And this article is a testament to how amazing her products and her education are. I’m not getting paid to rave about this woman and her skincare line. I just can’t help but share the word about something that has so dramatically changed my skin. Changing my skin doesn’t seem like a life changing event, but the beauty in this is that by changing my skin, I  had one less thing to obsess about, one less thing to worry about, and one less thing to feel insecure about, like I was constantly hiding. Coming out of hiding, that’s freedom. And freedom, even in a seemingly shallow way, is still life changing.

what i used

If you’re interested in  looking into Emme Diane’s products, the game changing kit for me was the Acne Kit. For reference, I have acne-prone, super sensitive, mostly dry skin. Just FYI, if you also have super sensitive skin, the Hydraluxe Cream did not work for me. It didn’t cause breakouts but it did irritate my super sensitive skin.  If you don’t live in either her Roseville, CA or Phoenix, AZ office locations, good news! She does long distance skin coaching!

If you’ve struggled with acne your entire life and are tired of celebrities, commercials, and sales ladies with empty promises, and you just want to understand and get educated about your skin condition or you want to try something that works and doesn’t irritate your face and give you more problems than you already had to begin with, give Emme Diane a shot. I have nothing to benefit in sharing her with you. This is not a sponsored or affiliate post. The joy I have is in passing along something that I am confident will change your skin.


*Also, if you want some home remedies for acne, these might be worth a try. 

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