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MidoriLei’s Mighty Life List

I think that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than confidence. AND nothing makes a woman more confident than when she doesn’t associate her happiness by how men view her or how she looks.

This is no easy task, as  women are bombarded with these pervading messages, You’re nobody until somebody loves you… and You’ll be happy when you look like xyz.

Do you see these messages everywhere? They are subtle, but our culture has a way of saying these things without screaming them in our faces.

I truly believe one way to do this (to find happiness elsewhere- beyond how men see us and beyond how we see ourselves) is to focus our energies on filling our lives with things we love to do, love to learn, love to experience.

If fear (I’m afraid I’m not pretty enough, I’m afraid men don’t find me attractive) is getting in the way of our happiness, then only love can conquer it.

It seems so simple, yet it takes a real effort. It’s too easy to just do work and home and never ask ourselves, “What do I WANT to do with my time?”

And I’m not talking just leisure here ladies. As leisure will only take you so far. I’m talking about doing, actively grabbing your life, staring it in the face, and telling it,  I’m not here to just be. I’m here to do. Things that will scare me. Things that will make me learn new skills, things that will make me feel alive.

And I truly think that happiness is “Finding someone to love (can be a guy, can be a sibling, can be a best friend, can be a parent), SOMETHING TO DO, and SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

And when you’re happy, you’re beautiful.

Or as Audrey Hepburn put it:


So with that in mind, I thought I’d create my Mighty Life List inspired by this list, this list, and this list. These lists are to help me focus on the last two parts of happiness:  finding something to do and to hope for:) This list will be placed on my sidebar to be continually updated and changed. Do  have a mighty life list?



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  1. SageMag

    Yay to press passes for show! We should def knock out a few of these others together like go to SF and make the MV 🙂

  2. MidoriLei


    What is SF and MV? I’m terrible!

  3. Melanie

    This is an awesome list, Midori! You’ve got some great things on your list. I love Max Wanger too. He’s awesome. It’s fun to be able to cross different things off the list. There’s always more to add! xoxo

  4. Victoria Smith

    you’ve already crossed off so many! congrats on a wonderful life list!

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