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Hair How-To

More Tips and Products for Thin Hair

I have very thin hair. These tips are great for anyone else who has thin hair, not to be mistaken with “thinning hair.” Thin hair has to do with the volume and thickness of each hair strand, not the lack of hair or an issue with balding. Having thin hair makes your hair look limp and lifeless, and adding a little body goes a long way. Having thin hair also makes your face look rounder, so I always aim for creating volume in my hair, especially the roots at the top of my head. I use these tips and products on myself. Enjoy:)

1. Blow dried hair always looks more voluminous than air dried hair.

I think this is the main reason why I never air dry my hair. I’ve found that the quietest and strongest airflow from a blow dryer (the perfect combination) comes from my Conair Salon Series 1875 Watt blowdryer. Unfortunately, I’ve searched high and low for this, and I think it’s been discontinued. This one, Conair 276R Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer, looks like the most similar and has great reviews.

2. ALWAYS blow dry on the opposite direction of your part.

If you normally part your hair on the right side, create a left side part and blow dry your hair that way, so when you flip it back to your real part, you will have some lift in the roots.
If you normally part your hair in the middle, blow dry half of your hair in front of your face. It should cover your face like this:

I used this technique when I did Annie’s makeover and look how much volume it created!



3. Dyed hair strands give the appearance of thicker hair compared to virgin hair strands.

All of that cuticle damage to the hair shaft? Sounds terrible huh? Well actually, for women with thin hair (myself included), the damaged hair actually helps create volume! I think it works even more so if you are going lighter instead of darker. As you know probably with clothing, dark colors make people thinner, bright and lighter colors make people look bigger. Same thing goes for hair. It’s easier to create the look of volume with lighter hair than it is with darker hair. Plus, the damaged hair, the open cuticle, gives texture to the hair which makes it look more voluminous.

It took me forever to find a “virgin” hair photo of me so you could see the difference, but here it is:

Gladdy and I in Vegas!

Compare with how much thicker my hair looks with blonde hair:


4. Root booster products give you volume where you need it most.

I love root boosting products, especially Catwalk Root Boost Styler By Tigi For Unisex Styling
and Big Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Volumizing Spray Mousse, Root Pump Plus.

I only use them on the top of my head at the roots, never on the sides of my head. Why? Cuz you want volume on top. Unless you want to make your face look wider (for those with long or narrow faces), volume on the sides of your head will make you look more like you’re going for big Texas hair or 80’s hair.

Hope these tips help, ladies:)

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