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my best friend
friday find

Friday Find: 15 Signs You Have Found a True Bestie

My best friend

my best friend Robyn!

My best friend feels like someone I can be completely myself around

I don’t know about you, but one of THE greatest joys in life is getting to the next level of friendship intimacy with another woman. To be fully known and fully loved. Seriously, if you have this kind of friendship with another person that’s beyond small surface talk and just being entertainment buddies, you will increase your happiness and joy 100 fold. Can you relate to any of these points I share with my best friend? Here are-

15 Signs You Have Reached the Deepest Level of Friendship Intimacy

  1. You guys can, without flinching or even thinking twice ask – “Can I borrow your deodorant?”

  2. Best. Road trip. Ever. Or any kind of disastrous event you shared together that was so bad at the moment, you now have an inside joke about it. Because #wearesurvivors

  3. When you think vacation, you don’t think so much specifically of a place. You specifically think of a name. And it’s her.

  4. Poop jokes. Sex jokes. Any day of the week. Just cuz.

  5. You both think each other is hot. And you’re not shy to compliment each other. You are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and fans.

  6. You’ve worked out in your living room in your underwear with all the jiggles everywhere just hanging out.

  7. You’ve had slumber parties or you’ve been roommates and you can enjoy each other’s company doing something new and fun or just lounging and talking at home.

  8. If you have ever done anything extremely mortifying like shit in your pants, she’s the first to know. Via text. While it’s happening. With pages of “bwahahahahas”  and gifs you wish you could save the entire conversation.

  9. When you’re not feeling very self aware, you call her for insight because sometimes it feels like she knows you better than you know yourself.

  10. When you’re calling and still having dreams about an ex, you don’t even have to tell her which one.

  11. You can get braggadocious and you never have to wonder if she is secretly thinking, She’s so full of herself.

  12. You’ve hung out in pajamas and no makeup and don’t mind cuddling in bed.

  13. She doesn’t think your big dreams are silly. In fact, you inspire each other to live the biggest life you can.

  14. She is the first one you want to laugh with and the first one you call when you’re crying.

  15. And lastly, in that moment when you’re  bawling your eyes out and have been crying all day about recent “boys are so clueless” drama and all you want to do is be alone but you know you should reach out for someone, she is the one you call. She is the one who hears you actually break out in sobs on the phone. And you choose her. You always choose her because everyone else for some reason you’re secretly wondering,

    will she think I’m a drama queen? Does she think I’m too negative if I let her in? Will she be non judgmental? Is she going to pity me? Will she look at me differently?

    But with her you just know you’ve already reached the deepest level of friendship intimacy possible and you trust her with every part of your heart, especially the broken pieces.             

If you’re not there yet with any of your friends yet? Start with the poop jokes. Lots of poop jokes. Trust me on this one. You’ll see who’s really ready for next level intimacy.

By the way, my best friend writes a dating column if you’re interested in great relationship advice!

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