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My Daily Dessert: Have You Ever Had Royce Green Tea Chocolates???

Have you ever had matcha green tea chocolate? I am obsessed with all things matcha flavored and when given the chance will try any kind of matcha flavored chocolate or drink- hello Starbucks matcha frap!

Of all the brands of matcha chocolate I’ve tried, Royce is by far the creamiest and best!!! Here is there full collection if you’re interested. They are melt in your mouth amazing.

Just don’t EVER buy them off Amazon. I learned the hard way when I ordered these below and they arrived several months later and rotten. Still haven’t gotten my refund even after emailing the seller and leaving a horrific review. Ugh. Green Tea Chocolates

My Daily Dessert: Have You Ever Had Royce Green Tea Chocolates???

Besides matcha, I also love ube, taro, caramel, milk flavor, milk chocolate, toasted coconut, toffee, thai tea, and I’m obsessed with Lemonheads and sour belts. I also love any toasted nut in my desserts. I don’t like things overly sweet or fruity unless they have a bitter (like chocolate or matcha) or a super creamy element (like creme brulee or flan) to them. It’s so crazy how picky I am about desserts! Are you this way? What kinds of dessert flavors do you love? I’d love to know!

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