My Favorite Store For Summer Sundresses

There’s just something about J Crew. I never got it before. Some of their items seem so simple, like when you look at them on the rack, you might think, What’s so special about this? But then you go into the dressing room and something magical happens. Seriously. The FIT of their clothes is unmatched. I put on this white dress. Looked simple and plain enough, but the waist hit my body exactly where it needed to, to cinch my waist and define the entire area. The skirt wasn’t too puffy or too straight up and down. It flared just perfectly. The belt was long enough to double tie if I wanted to, and the length was perfect. It was the perfect white summer dress!

And this other lovely peach number blew me away, as it’s a skirt, a tube dress and an empire dress in one! What a steal!

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