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Natural Makeup + Navy Blouse

natural makeup, lips, make up, cosmetics

do you like a natural makeup look?

My every day natural makeup features these products

*These products are great for acne prone skin! I’ve researched every ingredient to make sure because I have acne-prone skin and I have a list of ingredients to avoid.


Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer is the only thing I ever use.  I was turned on to this from another makeup artist. Looks like skin, doesn’t look dry, has great coverage. I use the shade Biscuit.


Dior Nude. I mix it with the Nars concealer and apply just to the center of my face (nose, under eyes, between brows).

Brow Powder

Any taupe eyeshadow. I’ve never bought brow powder in my life. Eyeshadow works just fine. If you’re looking for a great nude eyeshadow palette, this is my favorite by Smashbox- Full Exposure. 

Think of it as the eyeshadow palette of the rainbow of nude colors from the darkest -black- to a pale nude and the whole top row is shimmer while the whole bottom row is matte.

Eyeshadow Brush/Contouring Brush

The Smashbox Full Exposure palette is worth buying just for the brush! I use this brush to apply not just eyeshadows, but also to contour my nose. What makes this brush amazing is that it comes with an application brush that is two toned. One side is light (for the light shades you use) and the other side is dark (for the dark shades you use) so you don’t have to clean your brush after every use to go from light to dark colors. The other end is the most beautifully shaped fluffy blending blush.

Brow Brush

Anastasia has the BEST brow brush. The slanted brush has the thinnest edge I’ve ever come across-for precision. Comes with a mascara-like brush at the end to soften the front of the brows or if you were heavy handed anywhere.

Liquid Liner

Kat Von D has a calligraphy pen-like tip. Again, for precision. Especially great if you want a thin line or a cat eye.


Right now I’m using Dior.  Love it but, I’m not like this is the only powder I’ll ever use.

Contour Kit

Smashbox contour trio. I like simple. Not all these colors I’ll never use. Smashbox has a light color, a dark color, and a bronzing color. That’s all you’ll ever need.  I use this everywhere. I use it as an eyeshadow, a nose contour, a cheekbone contour, and I love putting the light color on the bridge of my nose,  the bronzing color on my chin, and the contour color on my jawline.


Right now I’m using a Sephora blush. Again love it, but I’m not married to any blush.


My go to is Two-Faced Better than Sex. I’ve tried sooooo many mascaras. This one gives me the most volume and allows for repeat application with minimal clump-age.



natural makeup, lips, make up, cosmetics

A natural makeup look is all about looking like you’re not wearing much.

And lastly,


I don’t actually use lipstick every day, as I love my natural lip color, but I love this color by Hourglass for a little something something when I need a color boost but want to still look natural. I use the shade “Peacemaker.”


natural makeup, lips, make up, cosmetics

Looking for a natural makeup look? Try this Hourglass lipstick.


Do you need more help with natural makeup application or want more inspiration?

Step by step how I apply concealer (with pictures).

A before and after of me without makeup and then with my natural makeup look.

Here’s a natural makeover I did on a friend including products I used.

This just proves that sometimes with makeup, less is more. 

*My navy blouse is from Ann Taylor Loft. I never knew 100% polyester could be so thin and lightweight and flattering to wear.  Here’s a similar one if you’re interested.

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