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Tips for a Natural Makeup Look + Must Have Products

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Want a natural makeup look? Try these tips

Tips for achieving a natural makeup look

First, you must moisturize and prime your face.

I use this setting spray as a primer and wear it under my makeup. It keeps my makeup from budging all day. Spray it a few times all over your face and pat it down until it’s dry. You’ll notice it has a kind of tacky feeling as it dries. This is like glue for your makeup! Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you break out, and I would know because I have acne prone skin. 

Second, you want to apply concealer to any blemishes you have, under your eyes, and around your nose.

Don’t blend it. Leave it alone while you do your eyebrows, so it has a little bit of time to dry and adhere.

While you wait, define your brows with a powder a shade lighter than your hair color.

To keep it looking natural, make sure the inner top corner of your brows is brushed through and no line appears there.

Now that your concealer has had time to dry a little, fully wet your beauty blender, squeeze out the excess water, and bounce it over your concealer all over your face.

Never rub your beauty blender as you will get no coverage from your concealer. Never use your beauty blender dry as you will soak up too much product in your sponge.

For a natural makeup look, skip powder all together.

This is probably the key to having a natural makeup look. Your skin shouldn’t look matte. It should look like skin which on everyone has a natural radiance. Because you’re not using powder, you want to wait before you apply any bronzer or contour powder so your concealer has some time to dry.

Keep your shadow super natural by using a bronzer color as an eye shadow and blending it into your crease.

This is all need for your eye lids to have some dimension.

While you are at it, use a liquid liner and only line the upper lid.

Avoid a cat eye or a wing for the most natural makeup look. Make sure the liner starts off thin and thickens at the top of your eye and thins out again towards the outer corners.

Curl your lashes and apply many coats of volume mascara.

This will make you look bright and awake.

Now that your concealer has had a chance to dry, you can apply bronzer on your cheekbones and on the sides of your forehead for a natural sun-kissed look.

Avoid any other contouring if you want to stick to a really nice natural makeup look.

What I can’t live without to achieve a natural makeup look




That’s it! Do you like a natural makeup look?

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