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New Series: What to Wear to a Hip Hop Class Part I

BRIGHT Colors:)

My hip hop article has by far the most views on this site. So, I decided to do a series on what to wear to a hip hop class, for all those people who want to give it a go!

Dancing is BY FAR the most enjoyable form of exercise for me. It’s the one thing that doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s too much fun!

And hip hop dancing fascinates me the most. I just hear good hip hop music and I can’t help myself:)

So, on to the dress attire. Of course you can wear whatever you want and whatever is comfortable. That’s the most important thing.

If you want to add a little something something… Add a punch of color… or two… or three:) I love the contrast of the bright yellow and the teal stripes, which goes great with the bright teal in my sneakers. Orange is my favorite color in the world. I started off with a red shirt sans the hat, but decided I had to do orange! You’d think bright yellow plus bright orange would be too many bright colors… but in hip hop, you gotta push the boundaries, break some rules and wear whatever you feel like. Over the top? What’s that?¬†Orange tank and an orange hat. Can’t have too much orange in my world!

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