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Olive Oil: Your Beauty Budget’s Best Friend

So, working as the Cosmetic’s Captain at Target, I always see women, every single day, spending money on products that could so easily be done by olive oil:( Olive oil is a beauty secret gem. It doesn’t clog pores, moisturizes the skin, and can you really get any more natural than using a product with one ingredient?

According to this website,

Olive oil is:

  • Packed with anti-aging polyphenols
  • Delays formation of wrinkles
  • Softens and smooths rough skin
  • Creates a lustrous, dewy complexion
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Provides natural protection from skin cancer
  • Absorbs easily

Now that you know, here are some…

Products You Can Get Rid of and Replace with Olive Oil

Shaving Cream:

Just slather olive oil all over your legs and shave as usual. It will leave your legs silky, smooth and already moisturized. No need for after shower lotion. I recommend wiping your shaving blades with a paper towel to remove excess olive oil.

Body Scrub:

I like to put equal parts brown sugar, honey, and olive oil into a glass container and keep it in my shower. Try it. Super luxurious.

Makeup Remover and/or Cleansing Cloths:

After I cleanse my face, and before I even wipe the moisture off, I fill a dropper full of olive oil (see picture above: I keep a dropper by my sink filled with olive oil) and put it in my palm. I massage it all over my face, then wipe it off with a paper towel.

Eye Makeup Remover:

After I take the makeup off my face, any remaining eye makeup around my eyes also gets removed by olive oil. I insert a q-tip into the olive oil dropper and use the olive oil drenched q-tip to remove eye makeup.

Try it out; you will love it! (and so will your wallet)

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