Let’s Give It Up for Legs! 3 Dress Styles to Showcase Your Best Asset

Let’s Give It Up for a Tiny Waist! 8 Styles to Showcase Your Best Asset

I have to give some props for those ladies with little waists. It's no easy feat maintaining a tiny waist, at least after a certain age. These looks are my favorite to showcase a tiny waist. Celebrate and flaunt your hard work! You deserve it! 1. Baby T-shirt with cap sleeves in white paired with low rise jeans This look is so simple. So American. And it's oh so sexy and casual/laid back. This one's from Victoria's Secret:

Let’s Give It Up for a Long Graceful Neck! 3 Ways to Highlight Your Best Asset

Sad to say, I was not blessed with this trait; instead, mine is like a really sad cut off tree trunk. But I do know a good neck when I see one. The neck is quite overlooked in our society. It is given more attention in eastern cultures. It's not nearly given enough attention as say legs, chests and buttocks, but long, graceful necks are beautiful! They make women look ladylike, poised and confident. I'm all about accentuating what goods you've got, and not focusing on what you don't like. So if you were blessed with this trait, flaunt it! If I had a long neck, this is what I'd do:

Let’s Give It Up for a the Derriere! Styles that Showcase Your Best Asset

Finally, a subject I know through personal experience! I like my pert derriere. Thank you J. Lo for bringing the booty back in vogue! Celebrate and showcase your round tush in these styles. 1. The pencil skirt with back details Remember that scene in Some Like It Hot when Marilyn Monroe goes to the train station? She's infamous for wearing those pencil skirts showing off her behind. If you haven't seen it before, here's a clip. The part I'm talking about starts at 5:00.

2 Things I Look for in Vintage Print Dresses

Two things. Delicate florals and tiny polka dots. This is vintage at its best for me. Regardless of whether or not something is vintage, I still prefer small prints, that's why I'm a fan of delicate florals and tiny polka dots. If you don't know why I'm a fan of small prints, it's because they are universally flattering on all shapes and sizes. Here are some great tiny polka dot dresses:

1940's Dress


6 Ways to Wear a Solid Vest

We Americans call them vests, the lovely Brits call them waistcoats. I call them one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. Vests can look great. You just have to know how to wear them! They need to look like they're tailor made, just like any well-fitting blazer. The waist of the vest looks better when it fits snugly. Seriously, there's kind of an art to choosing the right vest. It can't be too short where it makes the body look like the waist is too high (hence the name: waistcoat. It sits on the waist!)  It can't be too long as to drown out the figure. It can't be too loose as to hide the waist and the arm holes can't be too big. The neckline shouldn't be too high up either.  But when you've found the perfect fitting waistcoat, it's very figure flattering. It's worth the hunt for the perfect fit and perfect length.

This is an example of a vest that is too big on the mannequin: