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Black Lace for the Holidays

My favorite thing to wear at holiday parties is black lace! This post is basically just a bunch of inspiring black lace dresses from the runway and around the web. Black lace over bare skin, showing the contrast between the black floral designs and the color of the skin just makes me happy! One from the Balmain show. Love the 3/4th sleeve. Wish it wasn't so short!

This Dress

Right now, aside from tiny floral prints, I'm loving all things romantic, light colored, flowy, and drapy. I feel all twitterpated with this dress! And it even has a focal…

3 Styles That Give the Appearance of Wider Hips

I'm writing this article because I know I can't be the only one who wishes they had wider hips, not smaller hips. Many Asians have this issue: our narrow hips make us have a very boyish figure. I know I don't want to look like a boy! I want womanly curves. You'll probably find many more apple-shaped Asians than pear-shaped Asians, and I definitely fit into the apple shaped category when I gain weight. Plus, I have wide shoulders and I think that wider hips balance out my body, bringing me closer to the coveted ideal of having an hourglass figure. Wider hips also create the illusion of a smaller waist. These are the styles that I wear to give me the appearance of wider hips, or rather a wider pelvic area. 1. Anything that has a wide panel of color or horizontal stripes right in the pelvic area: I bought these two pants at Target a couple of months ago. They're made by Mossimo. I love how the horizontal stripes fall right where I want to create the illusion of wider hips. I bought them in a peachy/pink shade and a navy blue shade. The important thing is that the stripes or color panel should not sit on your waist, but below your waist, in your pelvic region.

Let’s Give It Up for a Tiny Waist! 8 Styles to Showcase Your Best Asset

I have to give some props for those ladies with little waists. It's no easy feat maintaining a tiny waist, at least after a certain age. These looks are my favorite to showcase a tiny waist. Celebrate and flaunt your hard work! You deserve it! 1. Baby T-shirt with cap sleeves in white paired with low rise jeans This look is so simple. So American. And it's oh so sexy and casual/laid back. This one's from Victoria's Secret:

Let’s Give It Up for a Long Graceful Neck! 3 Ways to Highlight Your Best Asset

Sad to say, I was not blessed with this trait; instead, mine is like a really sad cut off tree trunk. But I do know a good neck when I see one. The neck is quite overlooked in our society. It is given more attention in eastern cultures. It's not nearly given enough attention as say legs, chests and buttocks, but long, graceful necks are beautiful! They make women look ladylike, poised and confident. I'm all about accentuating what goods you've got, and not focusing on what you don't like. So if you were blessed with this trait, flaunt it! If I had a long neck, this is what I'd do:
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