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friday find

Friday Find: Where to Find the Cheapest Part Time Daycare

part time daycare

My bestie and I having a mask “geisha” moment. Read below for where to get the cheapest part time daycare where you can make time to do masks.

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a newborn, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

The part time daycare every mom should be using daily

I know I’m not the only mom using the gym for something other than working out. Don’t get me wrong, I work out some days. But most days, I go to the gym just to decompress and have two hours of uninterrupted time to just sit and be with myself. I choose that time to blog and write because this is my passion, and it’s something that’s all mine and has nothing to do with motherhood or being a wife.

Do the math. This part time daycare is worth every penny

Even if I wasn’t a blogger, I’d use these two hours every day or most days. You can find memberships for less than $62 a month at some locations. If you do the math and you go to the gym for a couple hours every day of the month, at this rate, you’re spending $1/hr on part time childcare. That’s 62 hours a month of time for yourself.

The drawback

Yes, yes, I know they don’t let you actually leave the gym, but who cares?

Ideas for what to do with two hours of free time every day

If the point is just to get some much needed time to yourself, you can exercise, or bring a laptop and watch an entire movie by yourself uninterrupted.

You could put a mask on and sit in the dry and wet saunas.

You could take a long hot shower uninterrupted.

On the one day that I don’t blog, and I take the day to sabbath, I have actually brought nail polish to the gym. I’ve applied each coat and had the pleasure of letting each coat dry unhurriedly. To get a base coat, color coat and top coat to dry takes a freakin’ long time! And when you have babies and toddlers nearby, there is no way you can do this.

I love perusing magazines at the gym, calling long distance friends and catching up uninterrupted.

You could bring your stack of bills and pay them and do your budgeting for the month. Gosh, the possibilities!

I even have  a mom friend who sometimes finds a lounge chair and takes a nap at the gym. No shame in your game girl friend.

Most importantly…

And the singular most important thing about getting a couple of hours to yourself everyday without kiddos is that when you make time for yourself, you come back refreshed, with more love, patience, energy, and enthusiasm. The more you give to yourself, the more you can expect of yourself.

Don’t run on empty!

From pic:

Btw, we’re using this mask from Boscia, and wearing robes from Victoria’s secret. 

Also, I rely on Stila or Kat Von D for my cat eye looks.

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