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friday find

Friday Find: My Idea of a Perfect Three Hours of Me Time While Kiddo Goes to Preschool


What do you do after you drop off your kid at preschool?

*Before I get into today’s topic, I have an announcement to make. I’m well into my third trimester and decided it’s time to stop posting Maternity Monday posts. Time to carve out space for nesting, getting ready for the baby, and of course I just feel so big and unmotivated to do photo shoots! I’ll be going back to writing posts for apple shapes after the baby arrives and I get into my groove with the newborn phase. 

Thank God for Preschool

I was on the fence about putting Noah in preschool, after all, you have to pay! Could I just wait until kindergarten? Well, we bit the bullet and decided to budget in two days of preschool. Noah goes for three hours each day. It has proven to be the perfect time for me to go to OB appointments, do grocery shopping, and meet up with friends.

What I did during preschool this week

This week I discovered the things I need during my time for myself.

  1. Socializing at leisure
  2. Delicious healthy food
  3. The feeling that I’m being productive
  4. A small budget friendly treat
  5. Being around beautiful things and browsing at leisure
  6. Novelty

More than any other time during my free time, I felt so recharged and rejuvenated. Here’s what I did during preschool:

I went to Home Goods and perused through the aisle of artificial plants, choosing two for our apartment (being around beautiful things and browsing at leisure). Then I met with a friend for brunch at a new vegan spot with great Yelp reviews (socializing at leisure, delicious healthy food, novelty). I ordered the green goddess bowl full of walnut meat, sauerkraut, and kale. It was soooooo good, but also sooo nutritious (delicious healthy food, novelty). After brunch I headed to Ulta and bought a mascara and liquid liner I had been needing (the feeling that I’m being productive). While I was there I played with some highlighters on my face (being around beautiful things and browsing at leisure) and picked up a new nude fast drying nail polish I’m excited to try (A small budget friendly treat).


The result:

The rest of the day I felt on top of the world. I felt positive, outgoing, and surprisingly I felt super creative. Ideas were coming out of me left and right. I had the feeling that life couldn’t be better. It was seriously amazing!

So readers, I’m curious! Do you know what you need to make your free time for yourself feel like the perfect break? I’d love to know!



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