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Pretty in Peach: The Color that Looks Good on Every Woman

I think this is a universal truth: Peach looks good on everyone! It brightens women’s faces and softens any look. I really think it’s the most feminine color out there. But that’s just me. You might be saying, No Way! It’s Pink! or Red! Pink can look feminine for sure, but it’s also associated with that over the top, bubble gum, barbie doll, girly froth. Red can look feminine too, but it’s also associated with anger, passion and heat.

Peach. It’s perfectly sweet. Perfectly feminine without being over the top. It has the bright happiness associated with orange and the lovely girliness associated with pink, but the combination balances everything out. So that’s a little bit of color theory for ‘ya by yours truly:)

I’m going to try to find as many people with varied skin tones wearing different shades of peach to prove my point!

You’ve already seen this one of Diane Lane from a previous article, but it’s a great example!

Diane Lane wearing an orange/peach shade in Under the Tuscan Sun:

Diane Lane wears a peach dress in Under the Tuscan Sun

Doesn’t she look absolutely lovely? The shirt dress is so well tailored to her frame, it’s ri.DI.cu.lous! The color softens her facial features and compliments her hair color and updo. Amazing.

Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards

Okay, so this is a bit more burnt orange than peach, but in my book, it’s still in the peach family:) She looks absolutely stunning!

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson at the 62nd Golden Globes on the red carpet

Scarlett Johansson at the 62nd Golden Globes

Now this is more like a shiny peach. Doesn’t she look flawless?

Claire Danes looks oh-so-lovely in this peach number:

Claire Danes in peach blouse

Claire Danes in peach blouse

Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 79th Annual Academy Awards on the red carpet

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 79th Annual Academy Awards on the red carpet

Now, before you come to the conclusion that peach only looks good on Caucasian women, you have to check out Eva Longoria. This is probably her most noteworthy red carpet look, for good reason!

Eva Longoria at the 57th Emmy Awards on the red carpet

Close-up of Eva Longoria at the 57th Emmy Awards on the red carpet

I think peach looks especially flattering on women of color. Check out Sanaa Lathan:

Close-up of Sanaa Lathan at the Something New Premier

Sanaa Lathan at the Something New Premier

And who can forget Halle Berry at the 2003 SAG Awards when she dazzled on the red carpet in this frock?

Halle Berry in Peach

Halle Berry in Peach

Halle Berry at 2003 SAG

Halle Berry at 2003 SAG

What about if you have yellow undertones in your skin like mine? I found this asian girl in a peach summer dress. Doesn’t she look cute?

girl in peach dress

girl in peach dress

Here’s another Asian girl in a formal Pretty in Peach dress. It makes her skin look rosy and flawless!

peach formal dress

peach formal dress

Let’s change it from “Pretty in Pink” to “Pretty in Peach!” Gorgeous color on every skin tone.

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  1. Womens Sun Dresses

    Wow I think I’m sold! I don’t normally, (or should I say, I never) gravitate to the peach section of clothes, but you’re right, it really does seem to flatter any skin tone! I’ve always been a huge fan of pink, and red-I’m willing to try out thes experiement on myself. Thanks! Scarlet looks fabulous in this peach number by the way!

  2. Brigitta

    I’m always on the lookout for peach colors in clothing, but why is this color so hard to find in everyday clothing (or is it just me?).

  3. Gonzalo

    I thought I wasnt going to like this blog but more I read the more I liked it.

  4. Sundresses for Women

    I think Scarlet would look good in a garbage bag, she’s just plain beautiful.

    Diane Lane is getting a lot of attention for her dresses in the Tuscan Sun movie. Many people were blown away by the white dress she wore. If only we knew where we could buy it !

  5. Corinne Valiton

    Charlize Theron is such a very very beautiful woman. She also has a flawless skin and i love her acting skills..

  6. Steve

    Peach doesn’t look so great on Scarlett though! I think you need a darker skin to look good in peach,

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with Steve. After looking at the photos above all the darker skinned women look better in the peach colour.

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t think Diane Lane looks so good in peach cuz her hair colour looks almost the same. Contrast is prob better like how blondes look good in red, dark skinned look good in white and vice versa.

  9. Anonymous

    it is nice to know that Charlize Theron has a flawless skin in real life-;-

  10. DC13

    In your opinion, what color shoe would work well with peach? I’m in a wedding next year and the bridesmaid dress color is peach. The wedding will be partially at the beach and in a hall in the summer. Than you very much for your help!

  11. MidoriLei

    DC13, Oh I LOVE a peach dress with some cute nude shoes, or a champagne colored shoe. It can be something matte or with a slight shimmer! I have a pair of nude peep toe shoes that would work wonderfully with what you’re talking about!

    Here’s a picture. They are from Aldo

    So gorgeous! The actual color is “bone”


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  13. Art

    I agree with Steve also. If you have pale skin, you will look washed out in certain shades of peach (especially light peach), pale pink, or pale pink blush colors. However, I have noticed, these colors tend to look great on women with darker skin.

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  17. Sue

    The women shown have warm undertones to their skin, and peach being a warm color, complements them.A woman with cool undertones would not fare as well and would probably look washed out by this color.

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