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Quarantine Chronicles

Quarantine Chronicles: 28 Outdoor Activities to Do with Kids During a Pandemic

This pandemic sucks! Let me just state the obvious. What doesn’t suck is nature and the fact that a lot of activities can still be done outdoors even during the pandemic. Here’s a roundup of activities we’ve been doing with our kids while sheltering at home.

*If you’re in the Tri-Cities, Wa area, make sure to check out my captions for where pictures were taken.

1. Find a local sectioned off swimming hole

Collect seashells for art projects later. Play in the sand. Swim in the water. Jump with the waves. Make your very own rock family self portrait.

2. Bike to a local rolled ice cream food truck

Best buys of 2019 were our electric Rad bikes! Bottom line-they make going up any hills soooo easy and you can take kids in them. You can read more about them here. (end of post) Have you ever had rolled ice cream? It’s just one of those things you gotta check off on your summer bucket list. The place we went to had a peaches and cream flavor OH MY.

Rollin’ food truck located on Clover Island near the lighthouse.

3. Head to your backyard and eat watermelon from the rind

Ok I feel like such a dummy because for the longest time I’ve been too lazy to cut up my own watermelon, and I always would get the pre-cut stuff from the grocery store. I forgot how FUN it is for kiddos to eat watermelon from the rind shaped like a little triangle boat. Gah!

Also while you’re back there, do some grounding with the earth and teach them how to do cartwheels!

4. Grab some weird Asian popsicle flavors from your Asian grocer for the kids to eat outside

My kids loved them! We tried taro, jack fruit, durian, red bean (fiber in a dessert guys FIBER!),and mung bean.

Find these treats from Columbia Market.

5. Order cold desserts from your local Mexican snack shop to eat outside

Oh ya’ll I promise this is the last dessert one! Sorry I’m obsessed with desserts can you tell?! At least this one is semi healthy- a frozen banana with chocolate and coconut.

Find this treat and amazing other goodies from Monarca Ice Cream.

6. Give them spray bottles and/or the hose with an attachable nozzle

Who needs water gun fights when you have a strong multi-function hose nozzle or spray bottles just laying around?

7. Let them go to town with a bubble kit

We love this package of bubble stuff and this bubble solution (make sure to add water like the directions say so you don’t waste solution like me).

8. Dump a bunch of ice on the ground and give them play hammers

They will go to town. You will have 10 minutes of peace. Amen.

9. Invite your kid’s best friend over, tell him to wear his spider man costume, and enjoy a day of all day play thanks to a carton of silly string AKA “Spider Man” webbing

Ok, so this was actually my 5 year old’s birthday party (end of post), but silly string you guys! Cuz you need a break, and because it dissolves in the rain. No clean up yay! We used this package. We gave them these string shooters.

10. If it’s in season, go fruit picking

This is one of our favorite summer activities because kids will eat us out of house and home merely from their berry consumption. We’ve done strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries. Can’t wait to try apple and peach picking!

11. Rough it out and go tent camping

Build a fire. Cook smore’s and hotdogs over the fire. Tell spooky stories.

12. Take them paddle boarding

We got our inflatable boards here and love them! You don’t need a roof rack on your vehicle because they just deflate and go in a backpack along with the pump.

13. Collect items in nature to make a fun nature book

One of my favorite things as a child was making a nature book using old school sticky photo albums and naming the items I found. Kids can be so creative with their names!

14. Play in the volleyball sand (it’s so much nicer than regular sand) and have a picnic after

Ever since I discovered a waterproof cozy picnic blanket, life has never been the same. haha

15. Fly a kite

We love this tiny one that can get stuffed into a diaper bag and taken out any time it happens to be a blustery day.

16. Collect flowers outside for moss art

We use silica gel to dry them. We love reindeer moss for our moss art. It cleans the air! It’s perfect for bathroom art.

17. Choose a new takeout place and instead of driving there, bike there and then have a picnic outside

We try to do this every weekend. Novelty is saving us during this pandemic.

3 Eyed Fish has the BEST pretzels and cheese!

18. Roll down some hills

I have a video of this but I’m too lazy to post it!

We found some great little grassy hills at the Badger Mountain Community Park.

19. See if you have a local BMX bike park

So much to do at this bike park! My two year old loved dropping cars down the ramps, and my five year old biked. There was also hay behind the park, an old tractor, and lots of dirt, cuz BOYS.

20. Lay on the grass and look for cool shapes in the clouds and while they are at it, take close up pictures

It’s not very often I can get these two to stay still enough for a picture! And OH! mid kiss pictures are so cute.

21. Collect smooth rocks for rock painting

These paint pens are awesome!

Don’t have paint pens? You can always glue flowers to rocks. They will last a day but oh well!

22. Find an empty track and field at a school to run and bike around and pack a picnic snack

All the schools are closed so why not? Bonus, it’s sometimes fully fenced!

23. See if there are any local dirt bike ramps

It’s my belief that if they come home dirty, they are having a great childhood!

24. Find ants and teach them about working hard

Here’s a cool fact: An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight. If a second grader was as strong as an ant, she would be able to pick up a car! Found here. And the cool proverb:

“…look at an ant.
    Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.
Nobody has to tell it what to do.
    All summer it stores up food;
    at harvest it stockpiles provisions.” (The Message Bible Proverbs 6:6-11 with other sections removed)

Columbia Basin BMX.

25. See if you can find dirt mounds to run up and down on

This activity is best done in colder months to avoid snakes!

26. Climb trees

Another favorite childhood activity!

27 and 28 -And lastly two more for the not faint of heart- bike up a mountain with kiddos and take them rock climbing–yikes!

We basically just drag these two little guys to do whatever we want to do. One way to avoid resenting them I guess?! They have fun no matter what. We bring a pack and play for our two year old when we rock climb.

We love the great outdoors! And we’d love more ideas. What are you guys doing outdoors during this pandemic? I’d love to know.

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