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Quarantine Chronicles

Quarantine Chronicles Do: DON’T Eat Dinner Together as a Family

Eating with kiddos means all hands on deck!

This is going to go against all parenting advice worldwide, but heck we are in a worldwide pandemic! Nothing is as it was. Instead of not getting enough time with family, we are spending all our days and nights only with family. It is a blessing in a way don’t get me wrong, but it also means some of the rules and priorities change. We have to look at the principles behind the advice we followed before. Take dinner with the family for example. The principle was family togetherness because the family was dispersed throughout the majority of the day (parents at work, kids at school).

For my family, since mom and dad are safe at home all day this month with kiddos, we have given up eating dinner together!

4 Reasons Why This New Normal Has Been the Best for Our Family During This Stay at Home Pandemic Period

1. In a pandemic, moms and dads need more alone time than family time.

The importance of eating dinner as a family doesn’t really apply when there’s “whole family togetherness” all day – so no guilt.

2. Moms and dads can enjoy a more relaxing dinner without having to multi-task.

Eating dinner together usually means moms and dads feeding littles, holding bottles, getting up to pick up multiple food requests, cleaning up spills, assisting with making little food bites for kiddos – AKA parents at work. It’s not time to relax. Eating dinner separately allows parents the space to make the meal a relaxing one, not one where they are multitasking.

3. It’s a great time to let a kid’s hunger dictate his feeding schedule.

It allows kiddos the space to practice listening to their own hunger cues – not an arbitrary time to eat like a family meal schedule.

4. Hubby and I get quality time that feels almost like a date night.

I know couples with kids are especially missing restaurant date nights these days. This is a nice way to make it feel like a date night in the safety of stay at home restrictions.

You know what it’s like eating with kiddos- one hand holding the bottle, the other reaching for your (already turned cold) food.
*Outfit items similar to what I’m wearing:

Black floral dress. Men’s fedora. Olive utility jacket.

How do we do this?

I feed the kiddos a late-ish snack and then make dinner right after that way they aren’t really hungry when food is on the table. Nate and I then eat outside or inside while kiddos play, and if they see the food we just tell them – come eat when you’re hungry! I’ll also use this as a time to let them pick up one set of toys- “food’s ready when you pick up leggos!” They never complain about picking up toys then, and I’ve never seen them pick up toys faster. This also buys us more time to eat alone! ?

When you’re overdue for a date night and you are quarantined and can’t get a babysitter. Notice the blurred baby in the background haha.

Or even better-

If you can feed the boys and put them down for bed and then have dinner, it will feel soooo luxurious. My friend Jasmine does this and it’s like date night every night! They do dinner, talk, and then watch a movie. (Le sigh.) I wish I had the patience to wait until after the boys are down.

Either way, I highly recommend eating dinner with your spouse and feeding the kids either before or after you eat. Do you do this? What do you think? Do you have any more quarantine do’s or don’ts? I’d love to know!

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