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Recipe on Repeat

Recipe on Repeat: I’ve Been Eating This Chickpea Salad with Everything

I’ve made it with fried mahi mahi and rice.

Is There Anything Healthier Than a Bean Salad?

Before I started intermittent fasting, I loved vegetables but I hated salads. They said that intermittent fasting would actually change my taste buds and boy has it! Now I crave salads. I want buckets of fresh veggies at each meal. If that isn’t evidence that intermittent fasting is doing great things for my health internally, I don’t know what is!

My favorite salads right now have fresh raw veggies and beans. Oh the humble and mighty bean. Most people don’t know this but beans are unsung heroes of the nutrition world. They have more fiber than most vegetables! Maybe that’s why they are one of the top 6 anti-cancer foods.

If it has a raw vegetables, briny olives or salty feta, and a bean in it, I’m game. And let me tell you, this isn’t my intellectual brain talking, forcing me to eat healthy. These are my taste buds screaming for more! Intermittent fasting is the answer you guys. I will be a broken recorder. It’s that life-changing. Mind you, I still love my desserts, but never did I ever think raw vegetables would be the star of my meals over desserts. It’s crazy!

I’ve made it with crunchy beef tacos. Desserts are the best tamarind candy I’ve ever tried + homemade fig newtons.

This is the chickpea salad I’ve been eating with everything:

Click here for this five star reviewed recipe. I also add this cumin based seasoning at the end.

I’ve made it with baked chicken. Desserts are more homemade fig newtons and sweet biscuits with cream cheese and jam.

Do you like bean salads? What kind? I’d love to know!

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