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Recipe on Repeat

Recipe on Repeat: Tis the Season for Acorn Squash

Recipe on Repeat

Years back, my friend Tory introduced me to this delicious baked acorn squash recipe. Now during the holidays, it’s a go to comfort food recipe for a somewhat nutritious dessert. Tis the season for acorn squash baked in butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Here’s the recipe!

Acorn squash is very easily grown: seeds are started after the danger of frost is past and the soil is warm or started for transplant 3 to 4 weeks before the predicted last frost date in the area. In one method, seeds directly sown are placed 25 mm (1 inch) deep, 5 to 6 to a hill. Grow hills are separated by 2 m (6 feet) in all directions.[citation needed]

About 85 days after germination, acorn squash are ready to be harvested. Curing takes seven to ten days in a sheltered area outside or a warm dry place (like a storage space) protected from frost. The curing process helps the fruit keep longer before spoiling.

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  • Recipe on Repeat: Tis the Season for Acorn Squash

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