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Friday Find: My Meal Uniform for Ultimate Satiety



hubby’s meal uniform for ultimate satiety usually involves some kind of potato. In this pic it’s gnocchi!

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a newborn, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

Satiety is the key to feeling satisfied at the end of your meal

After 36 years, I’ve finally figured out what kinds of meals leave me feeling the most satisfied. I’m not just talking about satisfying hunger or feeling full. I’m talking about my taste buds feeling satisfied. It’s about finishing a meal and not wanting the meal to keep going and not wanting to snack an hour later.

What works for me when it comes to satiety

Everyone is different, but for me I’ve noticed my most satisfying meals involve my plate divided into half veggies or fruit, 1/4 carb and 1/4 protein + a sweet drink (stevia sweetened) + a small dessert. More specifically, I love a meal that has rice as the carb option. I’m Asian so surprise surprise.

Testing it for yourself

Even if this isn’t your perfect meal for satiety, it’s worth noting and paying attention to what is for you. What kinds of meals leave you wanting more and more? For me, if I don’t have a lot of fiber (veggies and/or fruit), I don’t feel as satisfied. I also don’t feel as satisfied if I don’t get enough protein or when my carbs are in excess. It also makes a huge difference for me to drink with my meal versus not drink. When I don’t drink with my meal, I don’t feel full enough. Water during my meal doesn’t satisfy me. It has to be a sweet drink. When I don’t end my meal (except for breakfast) with a sweet little treat, I also don’t feel as satisfied.

Sweet and guilt free drinks for satiety

Since I don’t like drinking water with my meals (I’ll drink it throughout the day though), I’ve had to rely on sweet and guilt free drinks sweetened with stevia. One of my go-to drinks is a hot or iced chocolate milk.

Guilt free chocolate milk (hot or cold)

When I’m feeling like something creamy and decadent, I fill up my milk frother from Nespresso with 1 cup of milk, 1 heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder, 3 teaspoons of powdered non dairy creamer, and 2 full droppers of liquid stevia.

I also love any flavor of drinks from Zevia. 

Guilt free mango lassi

When I’m feeling like something fruity and tart, I make a mango lassi drink at home using 1 mango, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice, 1 1/2 cups plain yogurt, and 1 full dropper of liquid stevia. Soooo yum!

Do you have an idea of what makes a meal the most satisfying to you? Do you know your personal meal uniform for ultimate satiety? I’d love to know.

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