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Quarantine Chronicles

Self Care Spotlight: 12 Things That Have Helped My Mental Health While Sheltering in Place

My contribution during rock painting with the kiddos. We love these paint pens.

How’s everyone doing? It’s a crazy and scary time right now. Some days it’s such a struggle, and I find myself tossing and turning with anxiety late into the night, other days I feel like I can manage. Everyone is coping differently, but I thought I’d share the things that are helping me.

Focus on Mental Health= Increased Productivity

I’m big on productivity, and I remember the Yale course on the “Science of Well-being” (it’s free on coursera and is Yale’s most popular course!) mentioning that anyone who wants to be productive especially right now needs to focus their attention on mental health which will in turn increase productivity as a byproduct.

Focusing on mental health for me means:

1. Doing yoga or jogging 4 days of the week

2. Taking a sabbath day every week to do nothing –no chores, no blogging, no to do list, no exercise, no expectations

3. Doing something novel on the weekends -for us this has been choosing a new takeout place to have a new long bike ride route and setting up a picnic followed by sand time for the boys

This cozy outdoor waterproof blanket would have been nice to sit on!
The boys love our bike adventures just as much as we do.

4. Getting outside every day

Mid shot kissy faces 🙂

5. Doing my makeup most days- I’m in a better mood, more energetic, and more productive when I feel pretty!

The social distancing day crew.

6. Calling friends everyday

7. Participating in Marco Polo group chats every week.

8. Having dessert! I have such a sweet tooth and unlike many people, I LOVE having a sweet tooth and look forward to having dessert every day.

These butter cookies are a staple at our home. If you’re a fan of Walkers cookies, you will love these!

9. Writing in my gratitude journal and reading my bible.

I chose this free gratitude app over others available because it is simple, straightforward, has no prompts, and is just one click to get to the screen where I type in my entry.

10. Quality time with Nate with all the screens off.

11. Time to work on something meaningful to me. For me it’s this blog!

Naptime for Luke means work time for mommy 4 days a week.

12. Waking up with a sense of purpose. -What helps with that is having a to-do list and a daily rhythm (like a schedule but flexibile).

I love this simple errands app for all my to-do lists

Every day needs:

1. Outdoor time

2. Physical activity

3. Connection

4. Productivity

5. A flexible routine

6. Something to look forward to

7. Something that awakes me spiritually

Every week needs:

1. A day to rest

Every weekend needs:

1. Novelty

2. Breaks away from kids

Dad and Nate being silly in 2018 at the Mayon volcano

Although it is hard, especially being someone who is 100% extrovert and thrives on change, it is not as hard as I thought it would be. I can attribute this to my dad teaching me early on that what will be will be. It is what it is. He taught me the importance of focusing on the things I have control over.

The last thing I want is for someone to read this and feel guilty because they are thinking they need to do more during this time sheltering in place. I struggle every single day to fit it all in and these are my goals but for sure it doesn’t happen every day! I’ll go into more detail about some of these points in future posts. Let me know which ones you’d like me to elaborate on.

I’m curious- what daily/weekly activities have made this difficult time easier for you?

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