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self care spotlight

Self Care Spotlight- 27 Do’s and Don’ts of a Weekly Sabbath

Self Care Spotlight- 27 Do's and Don'ts of a Weekly Sabbath
Yay! It’s relax day!

Last week, I shared 10 reasons why I take a weekly sabbath to just relax and do nothing. But since you might be like me and the idea of doing nothing sounds absolutely daunting, I thought I’d write a follow up piece with ideas of some things I do when I sabbath. Before that, I want to share some things I definitely don’t do on my sabbath:

Don’ts for a sabbath:

I don’t keep track of exercise or physical activity.

I don’t do chores unless I am excited about it. Sometimes I actually want to do dishes for example because it feels like more of a pain to let it pile up for the next day, but I NEVER feel like doing laundry on my sabbath because laundry is so easy to tuck away– out of sight, out of mind.

Errands I’m not excited about.

Appointments I’m not excited about (dentist, doctor etc…)

Working on my blog.

Cooking, unless I’m excited about it.

*The big rule of thumb here is…. if you’re not excited about something or you need a break from something you do daily (for me blogging and keeping track of my physical activity) then avoid this activity.

Do’s for a sabbath:

Getting out of the house to do whatever I feel like doing with myself or with others (masked of course).

Binge watching shows and movies with no guilt or limit. I’m obsessed with love-centric shows and movies. Here are many great suggestions!

Doing some online window shopping or actual shopping.

Watching Architectural Digest celebrity home tours on Youtube. These two are my favorite.

Watching fashion videos about trends on Youtube.

Taking a bath and diffusing essential oils.

Getting help from Noah and doing cupping on my back.

Sitting on a massage chair.

Doing self massage on my hands and feet.

Napping while Luke naps.


Looking for events and stuff to do on my next month day off.

Reading style magazines and catching up on favorite blogs.

Listening to music and podcasts.

Ordering delivery instead of cooking.

(When the gym is available) Doing the sauna, getting in the hot tub, and taking a long hot shower.

Doing coloring books with the kiddos.

Dancing with the kiddos.

Getting outside with the kiddos and checking out a new park to get fresh air and sunlight.

Spending extra time in bed cuddling with the kiddos.

Just being silly with the kiddos and being spontaneous with the day.

The important thing…

For someone who can be a slave to my to do list, the key to my sabbaths are spontaneity, no guilt, relaxation, and time for my body and my mind to rest.

How about you? What do you do on your day off? Do you intentionally take a day off to do nothing? I’d love to know!

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