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self care spotlight

Self Care Spotlight: 4 Reasons Why I’m Choosing to “Stay Active” Instead of Setting Aside Time to “Work Out.”

Self Care Spotlight: 4 Reasons Why I'm Choosing to "Stay Active" Instead of Setting Aside Time to "Work Out."
Goodbye hot yoga, hello house cleaning!

Sheltering in place and giving up my gym membership and regular hot yoga has gotten me to a place where I no longer set aside time in my day to “work out.” Can I just tell you how liberated I feel? Also I feel very European/French and I’m channeling my inner Parisian who uses chores as her form of exercise. It feels liberating to not have to drive to and from the gym (I’d have to leave an hour before my class with my boys) and set aside two hours to workout (hot yoga was 75 minutes + mandatory shower time since I was always dripping in sweat). That’s FOUR hours I’m saving! The only thing that is keeping me feeling not guilty is that fact that I login over the weekly requirement of 150 minutes of activity on my ring fitness tracker. I’m obsessed with it! You can check it out here. Between working out and staying active, at this point in my busy life with two young kids, I choose staying active. Here are five reasons this has been life changing!

1. I have saved four hours a day not having to set aside time to work out.

I already mentioned above how I save four hours a day, but I didn’t tell you what I’ve done with those four hours instead! I am obsessed with cleaning. Which leads me to number 2–

2. I have put those four hours into doing more deep cleaning and organizing my home.

As a productivity addict, it just makes me sooo soo happy to be able to kill two birds with one stone, namely staying active and cleaning my house. I’m more excited to mop, vacuum, sweep, landscape, pick up stuff around the yard, rake, weed, garden, heck even cooking can be an active process! Every day I’m shocked that my normal daily activities keep me far from sedentary. I only spend about 1-2 hours behind the computer for this blog, and the rest of the time it’s running after my two boys and doing stuff around the house or at the playground.

3. I’m saving money on my lack of a commute, gym membership, and daycare.

I love saving by cutting out monthly costs completely! Now I put that money into hiring a babysitter once a week for a few hours to get a break from being a mom and to get out of the house without the kids.

4. Beyond just the physical time saved and put into doing chores, it has actually completely changed my attitude toward cleaning.

Meaning, I enjoy it and look forward to it! This change of perspective has done wonders to my mental health knowing I’m keeping myself healthy while I maintain our home.

I can’t tell you I don’t miss my hot yoga or my breaks away from kiddos that the gym provided. In a different season of my life, I know I will want to go back to doing hot yoga. But, the difference is because it’s not an option right now, I’ve reframed my mind to see the benefits of it and adjusted my circumstance as best as I can. Controlling what you can control and letting go of dwelling on what you can’t control- this is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from my dad growing up.

Here’s an idea of how much activity I get during the week just using my Motiv ring and doing chores! (absolutely no other exercise)


Conclusion? It’s totally possible to get enough exercise just living life! How liberating.

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  1. Lauren

    This is really good. I want to know how to get actually EXCITED about cleaning. I can appreciate how you said this is just a season in your life. The reason I enjoy this perspective so much is we have to get through Covid one way or another! And knowing that hot yoga is on the horizon is a great rose-colored eye glass of hope. Thanks for your post.

  2. MidoriLei

    Thank you Lauren! I hope you are safe and healthy. I know when hot yoga days are back we will all be sooo overjoyed!

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