"> Self Care Spotlight- A Great Podcast Episode to Prepare for Gather Again

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self care spotlight

Self Care Spotlight- A Great Podcast Episode to Prepare for When We All Can Gather Again

Self Care Spotlight- A Great Podcast Episode to Prepare for When We All Can Gather Again
My beautiful friend’s wedding pre-Covid

I am missing my friends ya’ll. Missing them terribly. The last several days have been a blur of just same ole same ole blending together. I told my best friend and my Marco Polo chat friends how I’m having a hard time even just getting out of bed! Fatigue, lethargy, no energy. I’m just soo soo tired. 9 months into the pandemic quarantine with nothing exciting to look forward to, daylight savings and dark overcast Seattle days, and lacking sleep because my kids are waking up around the 5am hour. I feel like I fared well until winter hit. I hate that I’m being a downer, but that’s the reality of it today, and I write it only because maybe there’s something just healing about expressing and wallowing (for a bit not forever) in our shared suffering.

2021 Post Covid Gatherings

One thing’s for sure, when we all can gather again, we’re never going to take it for granted. Maybe with the loss of it right now, we might even start asking the big, deep questions, like why is gathering in communities so important? Maybe we’ll start gathering with more purpose and intentionality moving forward.

Prepare to Gather with Purpose

That’s where this awesome podcast episode comes in. It brings together two of the most influential and knowledgeable people on the subject of human interactions- Brene Brown and Priya Parker. In it, Brene Brown, expert on vulnerability, interviews Priya Parker, writer of “The Art of Gathering.” If we ever needed a book about gatherings and its purpose, it’s now more than ever. Listening to this interview is like eavesdropping on a conversation between two people with two life changing goals we should all embrace in 2021 post Covid-

Let’s gather with purpose and make space for openness and vulnerability.

At least, that’s what I got out of the interview. This idea of understanding the purpose of gathering is the missing element that unlocks true connection. If you, like myself are missing gatherings and want to do them better moving forward, please please have a listen!

You can listen to the interview here.

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  • Self Care Spotlight- A Great Podcast Episode to Prepare for When We All Can Gather Again

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